Annal: 1993 Nebula Award for Novel

Results of the Nebula Award in the year 1993.

Book:Red Mars

Red Mars

Kim Stanley Robinson

In his most ambitious project to date, award-winning author Kim Stanley Robinson utilizes years of research and cutting-edge science in the first of three novels that will chronicle the colonization of Mars.

For eons, sandstorms have swept the barren desolate landscape of the red planet. For centuries, Mars has beckoned to mankind to come and conquer its hostile climate. Now, in the year 2026, a group of one hundred colonists is about to fulfill that destiny.

John Boone, Maya Toitavna, Frank Chalmers, and Arkady Bogdanov lead a mission whose ultimate goal is the terraforming of Mars. For some, Mars will become a passion driving them to daring acts of courage and madness; for others it offers and opportunity to strip the planet of its riches. And for the genetic “alchemists, “ Mars presents a chance to create a biomedical miracle,…[more]

Book:Assemblers of Infinity

Assemblers of Infinity

Kevin J. Anderson, Doug Beason

The moon comes alive…

It is the twenty-first century. Earth’s space program is thriving, with a colony in place in the Moon. And then an incredible discovery is made on the lunar farside. A massive structure is being erected by living machines—microscopically small, intelligent, unstoppable, consuming whatever they touch. All who come near them die horribly. Meanwhile, the mysterious structure continues to grow, expand, take shape. And its creators begin to multiply…

Is this the first strike in an alien invasions from the stars? Or has human nanotech experimentation gone awry, triggering a long-predicted disaster? As riots rage across a panicked Earth, scientists on Earth and on the Moon race to learn the truth before humanity’s home is engulfed by the voracious machines and its inhabitants perish in the most terrifying plague ever known.
Book:Beggars in Spain

Beggars in Spain: Book 1 of Beggars Trilogy

Nancy Kress

Born in 2008, Leisha Camden is beautiful, extraordinarily intelligent . . . and one of an ever-growing number of human beings who have been genetically modified to never require sleep.

Once she and “her kind” were considered interesting anomalies. Now they are outcasts—victims of blind hatred, political repression and shocking mob violence meant to drive the “Sleepless” from human society . . . and, ultimately, from the Earth itself.

But Leisha Camden has chosen to remain behind in a world that envies and fears her “gift”—a world marked for destruction in a devastating conspiracy of freedom . . . and revenge.

Book:Hard Landing (Algis Budrys)

Hard Landing

Algis Budrys

Book:Nightside the Long Sun

Nightside the Long Sun: Part 1 of Book of the Long Sun

Gene Wolfe

It is the far future, and the giant spaceship, the Whorl, has traveled for forgotten generations among the stars toward its destination. Lit inside by the artificial Long Sun, the Whorl is so huge that you can see whole cities in the sky. And now the gods of the Whorl begin to intervene in human affairs. A god has spoken to Patera Silk, a clergyman at work in the schoolyard of his church, and sent Silk on a quest to save his church and his people.

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