Annal: 1993 Prometheus Award for Best Novel

Results of the Prometheus Award in the year 1993.

Book:The Multiplex Man

The Multiplex Man

James P. Hogan

Richard Jarrow was a mild and unassuming teacher who was sure that the government knew best, with its strong environmental controls on industry and its equally stringent control of education and the media. He knew that the countries of the former Eastern Block, who now claimed to have more freedom than the United States, as well as booming economies fueled by their exploitation of the resources of space, were only spreading ridiculous porpaganda, and they either would soon collapse, starved by their diminishing nautral resources and choked in their own pollution—or else they would attempt to steal the resources of the rest of the world, and have to be destroyed. Didn’t the government say that was so?

And then his world went to hell…

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