Annal: 1994 Aventis Prize for Junior Science Book

Results of the Aventis Prize in the year 1994.



Linda Gamlin

Explore the world of living things, and trace the discoveries that explain the amazing diversity of life on Earth.

The theory of evolution changed our understanding of the natural world—and Eyewitness Evolution is the perfect way to learn more about it! Discover what life was like millions of years ago; how new species develop; and learn why pandas have false thumbs and penguins stand upright. Superb full-color photographs of animals, plants and fossils make this book a compelling look at evolution.

Book:Science With Weather

Science With Weather

Rebecca Heddle, Paul Shipton

Basic scientific principles are explained with the aid of fun experiments and activities. All experiments use everyday household equipment. Simple text and illustrations enable children to use the books by themselves

Book:The Ultimate Dinosaur Book

The Ultimate Dinosaur Book

David Lambert

Dinosaur remains were first identified some 170 years ago, but there is still much to find out about these extraordinary prehistoric creatures. The Ultimate Dinosaur Book will appeal to all ages: its evocative text and more than 500 magnificent color illustrations reveal dinosaurs and their world as never before.

Stories of Life and Death: Author David Lambert provides fascinating insight into how dinosaurs lived and died, including an explanation of various theories of extinction. The introductory section is a dramatically illustrated, concise exploration of every aspect of dinosaur anatomy and behavior, from body structure to breeding, from fighting to feeding.

The Diversity of Dinosaurs: At the core of The Ultimate Dinosaur Book are 55 superbly detailed, full-color dinosaur profiles. Every major group is represented, from four-story-high brachiosaurids to chicken-sized compsognathids. Lifelike models,…[more]

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