Annal: 1994 Edgar Allan Poe Award® for Best Paperback Original

Results of the Edgar Allan Poe Award® in the year 1994.

Book:Dead Folks' Blues

Dead Folks' Blues: A Harry James Denton Mystery

Steven Womack

When Rachel Fletcher, an old college flame, enters Harry James Denton’s office needing his private detecting services, he’d rather not. But he prefers money to poverty, and agrees to find out what kind of dangerous business her husband is mixed up in. Conrad Fletcher is a rich surgeon with a lot of enemies. He also owes big money to a very big, very bad bookie. But by the time Harry catches up with Fletcher, he’s gone from being in debt to being dead. The list of suspects could fill the Grand Ole Opry, and Harry’s search for the killer will lead him into the partsof Nashville that no one ever sings about—unless they’re singing the Dead Folks’ Blues.

Book:Beyond Saru

Beyond Saru

Thomas A. Roberts

Book:Everywhere That Mary Went

Everywhere That Mary Went

Lisa Scottoline

Who can you trust when everyone you know is a lawyer?

Mary DiNunzio has been slaving away for the past eight years trying to make partner in her cutthroat Philadelphia law firm. She’s too busy to worry about the crank phone calls that she’s been getting—until they fall into a sinister pattern. The phone rings as soon as she gets to work, then as soon as she gets home. Mary can’t shake the sensation that someone is watching her. Following her every move. The shadowboxing turns deadly when her worst fears are realized, and she has to fight for something a lot more important than her partnership. Her life.

Book:The Servant's Tale

The Servant's Tale: A Sister Frevisse Medieval Mystery

Margaret Frazer

From the author of The Novice’s Tale, a new Sister Frevisse medieval mystery. It’s not a very merry Christmas for the sisters of St. Frideswide when they welcome a troupe of actors in from the cold…and open the nunnery door to murder.

Book:Tony's Justice

Tony's Justice

Eugene Izzi

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