Annal: 1994 Shamus Award for Best Paperback Original P.I. Novel

Results of the Shamus Award in the year 1994.

Book:Brothers and Sinners

Brothers and Sinners

Rodman Philbrick

Book:The Half-Hearted Detective

The Half-Hearted Detective: A Vinnit Altobelli Mystery

Milton Bass

Book:A Minyan for the Dead

A Minyan for the Dead

Richard Fliegel

An entertaining thriller starring Jewish ex-cop Shelley Lowenkopf. After leaving the force, Lowenkopf begins making a killing as a private eye. And when he and his partner Max Pfeiffer attend a memorial service at the synagogue, the service is cut short when the rabbi is arrested—on suspicion that he murdered the woman for whom they are praying.

Book:Shadow Games

Shadow Games

Ed Gorman

From the author of Trouble Man and Ride Into Yesterday comes the story of a former celebrity who tries to overcome his past mistakes and stage a comeback. What he gets instead is a trip more terrifying than anything in the movies. Also included in this book is the novella The End of It All, soon to be a TV movie.

Book:Torch Town Boogie

Torch Town Boogie

Steven Womack

In book two of the P.I. Harry James Denton series, Harry finds his next case across the street, when a magnificent mansion in the funky part of town is torched. The blaze has all the earmarks of a local firebug, but this time someone is murdered. The bludgeoned and left-to-burn victim was a well-known psychotherapist…and the man that Harry’s ex-wife, Lanie, was about to marry. Thanks to the doctor’s will, which leaves a chunk of money to his fiancee, the cops think Lanie is the killer. It’s up to Harry to match wits with the match-flicking maniac before his ex goes up the river…and more lives go up in flame….

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