Annal: 1994 World Fantasy Award for Collection

Results of the World Fantasy Award in the year 1994.

Book:Alone with the Horrors

Alone with the Horrors: The Great Short Fiction of Ramsey Campbell, 1961--1991

Ramsey Campbell

Ramsey Campbell is perhaps the world’s most decorated author of horror fiction. He has won four World Fantasy Awards, ten British Fantasy Awards, three Bram Stoker Awards, and the Horror Writers’ Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Three decades into his career, Campbell paused to review his body of short fiction and selected the stories that were, to his mind, the very best of his works. Alone With the Horrors collects nearly forty tales from the first thirty years of Campbell’s writing. Included here are “In the Bag,” which won the British Fantasy Award, and two World Fantasy Award-winning stories, “The Chimney” and the classic “Mackintosh Willy.”

Campbell crowns the book with a length preface which traces his early publication history, discusses his youthful correspondence with August Derleth, illuminates the influence of H.P. Lovecraft on his early work, and gives an account of the creation…[more]

Book:Angels and Visitations

Angels and Visitations: A Miscellany

Neil Gaiman

A collection of Neil Gaiman’s short fiction; an odd assortment of enigmatic and wonderful tales—including Troll Bridge, Chivalry and Cold Colours—to amuse and delight, illustrated by Charles Vess, P. Craig Russell, Jill Carla Schwarz, Michael Zulli, and Rrandy Broecker.


Antiquities: Seven Stories

John Crowley

Book:Hogfoot Right and Bird-hands

Hogfoot Right and Bird-hands

Garry Kilworth

Book:Transients and Other Disquieting Stories

Transients and Other Disquieting Stories

Darrell Schweitzer

Book:Under the Crust

Under the Crust: Supernatural Tales of Buxton

Terry Lamsley

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