Annal: 1995 Arthur C. Clarke Award

Results of the Arthur C. Clarke Award in the year 1995.



Pat Cadigan

With brain-suckers and body-snatchers around, not even your own identity is safe. When Marva, a Method actress, wakes up in a hologram pool in a club with new clothes, lots of money and a memory of murder, she knows something is wrong.

Book:Alien Influences

Alien Influences

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Planet Bountiful, where humans and aliens live side by side. However, the alienshave their own rituals which are incromprehensible to humans, but children do learn by imitating those around them…

Book:Mother of Storms

Mother of Storms

John Barnes

In the middle of the Pacific, a gigantic hurricane accidentally triggered by nuclear explosions spawns dozens more in its wake.

A world linked by a virtual-reality network experiences the devastation first hand, witnessing the death of civilization as we know it and the violent birth of an emerging global consciousness.

Vast in scope, yet intimate in personal detail, Mother of Storms is a visionary fusion of cutting-edge cyberspace fiction and heart-stopping storytelling in the grand tradition, filled with passion, tragedy, and the triumph of the human spirit.

Book:North Wind

North Wind

Gwyneth Jones

North Wind is the sequel to White Queen. The story of Johnny and Braemar told in White Queen, the story of a love affair between an alien and a human that almost destroyed the world, is a romantic legend in the world of the future. Now, differing factions are in search of the fabled faster-than-light drive that Johnny and Braemar used in their failed attempt to prevent the alien settlement of Earth. At the center of the search is the alien Bella, who may be Johnny’s daughter, and her human protector, Sidney Carton. Together they travel through the war-torn ruins of future Europe, searching for the key to the last great scientific discovery of humanity, watched and pursued by others, alien and human. And they must risk love, as well as death, to succeed.

Book:Pasquale's Angel

Pasquale's Angel

Paul J. McAuley

In a grim and wondrous industrial age of artists, princes, and philosophers, a struggling painter follows his elusive angel through the twisting, soot-stained streets of Florence…and into a world of deceits, dark magics, and murder.

On the eve of the Medici Pope’s visit, an assassin has struck down an assistant to the immortal Raphael, the great Florentine Republic’s most renowned personage. It is a crime that draws a young artist named Pasquale and the brilliant, alcoholic investigative reporter Niccolo Machiavegli into the deepest shadows of their gray, steam-driven city-where there are fouler deaths to follow…and grave intrigues of war, witchcraft, and science that could lead the world-weary journalist and his unwitting companion heavenward or to Hell.

Book:Towing Jehovah

Towing Jehovah

James Morrow

The irreducible strangeness of the universe was first made manifest to Anthony Van Horne on his fiftieth birthday, when a despondent angel named Raphael, a being with luminous white wings and a halo that blinked on and off like a neon quoit, appeared and told him of the days to come.

What Raphael tells Van Horne is that God, for unknown reasons, has died. “Died and fell into the sea.” Soon Van Horne is charged with captaining the supertanker Carpco Valparaiso (flying the colors of the Vatican) as it tows the two-mile-long divine corpse through the Atlantic—northward, toward the Arctic, in order to preserve Him from sharks and decomposition. Van Horne must also contend with ecological guilt, a militant girlfriend, a father who won’t talk to him, sabotage both natural and spiritual, a crew on (and sometimes past) the brink of mutiny, and greedy hucksters of oil, condoms, and doubtful ideas.

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