Annal: 1995 Bram Stoker Award for Novel

Results of the Bram Stoker Award in the year 1995.



Joyce Carol Oates

Unflinching and unforgettable, devastating in its impact, Joyce Carol Oate’s fictional journey into the mind of paroled sex offender Quentin P. provides a psychologically astute portrait of the way cold calculation and dark obsession combine in a serial killer.

Book:Bone Music

Bone Music

Alan Rodgers

A little over sixty years ago, Robert Johnson died of poison in a little town up off the bluff in Arkansas. In an hour, a little girl named Lisa will die of cancer. Such different deaths—but linked, horribly and inevitably, by the crime Robert Johnson committed in the hour that he died. That Crime was Judgment Day: Robert Johnson sang Judgment Day, the song to end the world, as he lay dying in that shack up off the Mississippi River bluff—and nothing anywhere in the world has been right since.



Yvonne Navarro

Transformed into one of the hungry undead during a dark ceremony, a Georgia youth desperately seeks answers to what he has become and discovers an addictive craving that urges him to kill.



Billie Sue Mosiman

After the shattering murder/suicide of her children and husband, Kay Mandel seeks out abusive men and fatally poisons them. Soon she puts her past demons behind her and vows never to kill again. But someone has been watching Kay—and takes up where she left off.

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