Annal: 1995 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize

Results of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize in the year 1995.


MapHead: MapHead Trilogy 1

Lesley Howarth

A dazzlingly original, touching and funny rites-of-passage novel by a multi award-winning author. Powers and his son Boothe, alias MapHead, are visitors from the Subtle World - a world that exists side by side with our own. Now twelve, at the Dawn of Power, MapHead has come to meet his human mother for the first time, making his home on a farm, in a tomato house. Big on Ancient Rome and its chariot races, the young traveller finds modern society bewildering. He can flash up a map of any place across his head, but the rhythms and idioms of human speech are quite alien to him. It is the language of the heart, though, about which he has most to learn if he is truly to find his power.

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