Annal: 1995 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature

Results of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award in the year 1995.

Book:Owl in Love

Owl in Love

Patrice Kindl

I am in love with Mr. Lindstrom, my science teacher. I have found out where he lives and every night I perch on a tree branch outside his bedroom window and watch him sleep in his underwear: Fruit of the Loom size 34.

Like her ancestors, Owl Tycho is a shape-shifter—an apparently normal fourteen-year-old girl who can change into an owl at will. Unfortunately for Owl, Mr. Lindstrom is twenty-six years her senior, married, and living in a split-level in the suburbs. Still, Owl keeps watch nightly over Mr. Lindstrom—and as she does, she notices a strange owl and a wild, vicious boy lurking in the woods outside his home. Sinister shadows are gathering around her loved one. Does Owl have the wisdom and courage to protect him?

Book:Good Griselle

Good Griselle

Jane Yolen

Stone angels stand tall on the cathedral walls; gargoyles squat on its ledges. They don’t agree on much—certainly not on Griselle, who lives nearby, is a truly good woman. Griselle shares every bit of her food, she never complains, and she tenderly cares for stray animals. The angels her praises, but anyone,grumble the gargoyles, can be good when it comes to the feeding of cats and birds; “We must test this Good Griselle with something far more difficult.”

The angels agree to a wager and thus, on Christmas Eve, Griselle hears a pitiful wailing and opens hears a pitiful wailing and opens her door to find the ugliest child she’s ever seen…

Book:A Knot in the Grain and Other Stories

A Knot in the Grain and Other Stories

Robin McKinley

Lily. A woman with power to heal, but no powers of speech. Then she meets a mage—a man who can hear the words she forms only in her mind. Will he help her find her voice?

Ruen. A princess whose uncle leaves her deep in a cave to die at the hands of a stagman. But when she meets the stagman at last, Ruendiscovers fatehas a few surprises in store for her.

Erana, As a baby, she is taken be a witch in return for the healing herbs her father stole from the witch’s garden. Raised alongsidethe witch’s troll son, Erana learns that love comes in many forms.

Coral. A beautiful young newcomerwho catches the eye of an older widowed farmer. He can’t believe his good fortune when Coral consents to be his wife. But then the doubts set in—what is it that draws Coral to Butter Hill?

Annabelle. When her family moves, the summer befre her junior year of High School, Annabelle spends all her time in the attic of their new house—until she finds the knot in the gain which leads her on a magical mission.

Book:The Princess and the Lord of Night

The Princess and the Lord of Night

Emma Bull

A kind princess works to undo the curse placed on her at birth by the Evil Lord of the Night. The curse decrees that if the princess doesn’t get everything she wants her parents will die and their kingdom will fall into ruin. The princess tries very hard to not want anything, but eventually finds there is something she desperately wants. Will she still be able to find a way to lift the curse?

Book:Switching Well

Switching Well

Peni R. Griffin

They each wanted to live in a different century—and their wishes have come true. Now what do they do?

The two of them live in the same town—Amber in 1991, and Ada in 1891—and they both have rel problems, Amber’s parents are getting divorced, and she seems to be the last to know. Ada’s father doesn’t think women have minds of their own. So the two troubled girls hit on the same solution: They each go the the Haunted Well and make an impulsive wish. Suddenly, Amber finds herself in 1891, and Ada in 1991. They would do anything to return home—but it may be impossible to cross time again.

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