Annal: 1995 National Book Award for Poetry

Results of the National Book Award in the year 1995.

Book:Passing Through

Passing Through: The Later Poems, New and Selected

Stanley Kunitz

Stanley Kunitz, one of the masters of contemporary poetry, presents his ninth collection, gathering a rich selection of his work, including new poems that remind us of his prefatory statement: “Art is the chalice into which we pour the wine of transcendence.” Nearly all the poems of Kunitz’s later years, beginning with “The Testing-Tree” (1971), are included, and most of the poems in Passing Through are unavailable in any other edition. In “Touch Me,” the last poem in the collection, Kunitz propounds a question, “What makes the engine go?” and gives us his answer: “Desire, desire, desire.” These poems fairly hum with the energy, the excitement, the ardor, that make Kunitz one of our most enduring and highly honored poets. In the words of Carolyn Forche, “he is a living treasure.”

Book:Collected Poems 1945-1990

Collected Poems 1945-1990

Barbara Howes

Book:In the Crevice of Time

In the Crevice of Time: New and Collected Poems

Josephine Jacobsen

In the Crevice of Time brings together 176 new and previously published poems by one of the most accomplished and most widely acclaimed poets of our time.

Book:New and Selected Poems (Donald Justice)

New and Selected Poems

Donald Justice

The present volume brings to mind again one of the most interesting aspects of Justice’s poetry: his dedication to formal craftsmanship and his use of it in dealing with contemporary matters; so that a recondite poetic form (the pantoum) is made to hold a commentary on the 1930s in the poem called “Pantoum of the Great Depression.”

Book:New and Selected Poems (Gary Soto)

New and Selected Poems

Gary Soto

For over two decades, the award-winning poet and author Gary Soto has been offering his readers a vision that transcends the ordinary, making him one of today's most celebrated Chicano writers. New and Selected Poems includes the best of his seven full-length collections, plus over 23 new poems previously unpublished in book form. From the charged, short-lined poems of Soto's early writing to an unflinching look at poverty and hard labor in California's Central Valley to the off-beat humor in his longer, more recent work, New and Selected Poems is a timely tribute to a brilliant writer whose work confirms the power of the human spirit to survive and soar.

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