Annal: 1995 Nebula Award for Novel

Results of the Nebula Award in the year 1995.

Book:The Terminal Experiment

The Terminal Experiment

Robert J. Sawyer

To test his theories of immortality and life after death, Dr. Peter Hobson has created three electronic simulations of his own personality. The first has all knowledge of physical existence edited out, to simulate life after death. The second is without knowledge of aging or death, to simulate immortality. The third is unmodified, a control. Now they are free. One is a killer.

Book:Beggars and Choosers

Beggars and Choosers: Book 2 of Beggars Trilogy

Nancy Kress

In Beggars and Choosers, Kress returns to the same future world created in her earlier work, an America strangely altered by genetic modifications.

Millions of ordinary people are supported by the efforts of the handsome and intellectually superior gene-modified, who are in turn running scared in the face of the astonishing, nearly superhuman powers of the Sleepless, who have their own agenda for humanity. The Sleepless, radically altered humans, have withdrawn from the rest of the race to an island retreat, from which they periodically release dazzling scientific advances. Most of the world is on the verge of collapse, overburdened by a population of jobless drones and racked by the results of irresponsible genetic research and nano-technology.

Will the world be saved? And for whom?

Book:Caldé of the Long Sun

Caldé of the Long Sun: Part 3 of Book of the Long Sun

Gene Wolfe

Gene Wolfe’s Nightside the Long Sun launched the magisterial four-volume The Book of the Long Sun. Now the great tale continues in Calde of the Long Sun.

The young, god-inspired Silk, caught in a bloody web of politics and revolution, must fight against the machinations of the shadowy group that rules the city of Viron. The forces of other cities of the great spaceship, The Whorl, become involved. And the mysterious gods start to manifest themselves on all sides, a dysfunctional family of superpowerful beings each of whom can take possession of anyone at any time.



Paul Park

Celestis, inhabited by conservative human settlers fleeing from a socially decayed Earth, is riven by racial strife. Those conquered alien inhabitants who can afford it are surgically and pharmacologically altered to appear more human. Simon, a human diplomat, is taken hostage by alien rebels and thrown into contact with Katharine, an altered alien, with whom he falls in love. But Katharine, also a hostage, is cut off from her medications and rapidly begins the transformation back into a creature of alien needs and desires.



Walter Jon Williams

Aiah is bored with her dead-end job of meting out plasm, the mysterious and powerful material created from the intrinsic power of the city’s structures. When she stumbles upon an unlimited source of the precious substance, she’s found her ticket to a new life. Daring to team up with the handsome and powerful Metropolitan known as Constantine, Aiah embarks upon a revolutionary plan that could change the world as they know it.

Book:Mother of Storms

Mother of Storms

John Barnes

In the middle of the Pacific, a gigantic hurricane accidentally triggered by nuclear explosions spawns dozens more in its wake.

A world linked by a virtual-reality network experiences the devastation first hand, witnessing the death of civilization as we know it and the violent birth of an emerging global consciousness.

Vast in scope, yet intimate in personal detail, Mother of Storms is a visionary fusion of cutting-edge cyberspace fiction and heart-stopping storytelling in the grand tradition, filled with passion, tragedy, and the triumph of the human spirit.

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