Annal: 1995 Shamus Award for Best Paperback Original P.I. Novel

Results of the Shamus Award in the year 1995.

Book:Served Cold

Served Cold

Ed Goldberg

Lenny Schneider, New York PI, is happiest listening to jazz or dining at Old Kiev and taking an occasional low-risk job. However, when hired to prevent a Jewish Holocaust survivor from exacting revenge on his former prison-camp guard, music and food take a backseat to danger—and difficult moral questions. A story of old ideologies and passions—of a gumshoe, political in the ‘60s, who’s had a major bout with ambivalence for decades. Schneider leans heavily on his sense of humor to get him through the day.

Book:Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead: A Caley Burke Mystery

Bridget McKenna

Book:Deadly Devotion

Deadly Devotion: A Sydney Bryant Mystery

Patricia Wallace

Book:Double Plot

Double Plot

Leo Axler

Working for his family’s funeral parlor gives Bill Hawley a unique slant on murder. Which is why Edward Kane comes to him for help after the fatal car crash of his father. Edward believes his father’s death was no accident…and a fake suicide tape proves it.

Book:Lament for a Dead Cowboy

Lament for a Dead Cowboy: A Freddie O'Neal Mystery

Catherine Dain

Freddie and her boyfriend, Sam, attend a gathering of cowboy poets in Elko. While the cowboys and cowgirls are reciting their works, a new verse is added: murder. One of the cowboy poets is found dead, and Freddie’s current amour is the suspect. Suddenly she learns more about Sam’s past than she ever wanted to know.

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