Annal: 1995 Walt Whitman Award

Results of the Walt Whitman Award in the year 1995.

Book:Resurrection: Poems

Resurrection: Poems

Nicole Cooley

Frida Kahlo, Helen Keller, Diane Arbus, Alice Liddell, Patty Hearst, Snow White, Thumbelina—real and imaginary women transfigured by suffering—speak in Nicole Cooley’s Resurrection, winner of the 1995 Walt Whitman Award.

As Cooley explores the bonds between sisters, mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters, this important book follows a chorus of women’s voices along a hallucinatory nexus of terror. These are the voices of the martyred, the imprisoned, the exiled, the silenced, the forgotten, and as they shift from eastern Europe to Cambodia to New Orleans, it becomes agonizingly clear that our world with its ritualized misogyny is a dangerous place for women.

On the train to New Orleans
my sister and I light the Virgen…
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