Annal: 1995 Whitbread Book Award for First Novel

Results of the Whitbread Book Award in the year 1995.

Book:Behind the Scenes at the Museum

Behind the Scenes at the Museum

Kate Atkinson

In her profoundly moving, uniquely comic debut, Kate Atkinson introduces readers to the mind and world of Ruby Lennox, born above a pet shop in York at the halfway point of the twentieth century, and determined to understand both the family that precedes her and the life that awaits her. Taking her own conception as her starting point, the irrepressible Ruby narrates a story of four generations of women, from her great-grandmother’s affair with a French photographer, to her mother’s unfulfilled dreams of Hollywood glamour, to her young sister’s efforts to upstage the Queen on Coronation Day.

Hurtling in and out of both World Wars, economic downfalls, the onset of the permissive ‘60s, and up to the present day, Ruby paints a rich and vivid portrait of family heartbreak and happiness.

Book:Gagarin and I

Gagarin and I

Stephen Blanchard

It’s the middle of the 1960s, the river’s in flood and the weather’s stuck in mid-March. It’s also the era of the space race and young Leonard wants the Russians to win. Suffering from a rare and painless wasting disease, he puts his faith in Yuri Gagarin, heroic pioneer of a weight-free existence.

Book:Morvern Callar

Morvern Callar: A Novel

Alan Warner

Morvern Callar, a low-paid employee in the local supermarket in a desolate and beautiful port town in the west of Scotland, wakes one morning in late December to find her strange boyfriend has committed suicide and is dead on the kitchen floor. Morvern’s reaction is both intriguing and immoral. What she does next is even more appalling. Moving across a blurred European landscape—from rural poverty and drunken mayhem of the port to the Mediterranean rave scene—we experience everything from Morvern’s stark, unflinching perspective.

Morvern is utterly hypnotizing from her very first sentence to her last. She rarely goes anywhere without the Walkman left behind as a Christmas present by her dead boyfriend, and as she narrates this strange story, she takes care to tell the reader exactly what music she is listening to, giving the stunning effect of a sound track running behind her voice. …[more]

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