Annal: 1996 Anthony Award for Best True Crime

Results of the Anthony Award in the year 1996.

Book:Dead by Sunset

Dead by Sunset: Perfect Husband, Perfect Killer?

Ann Rule

When attorney Cheryl Keeton’s brutally bludgeoned body was found in her van in the fast lane of an Oregon freeway, her husband, Brad Cunningham, was the likely suspect. But there was no solid evidence linking him to the crime. He married again, for the fifth time, and his stunning new wife, a physician named Sara, adopted his three sons. They all settled down to family life on a luxurious estate. But gradually, their marriage became a nightmare….

In this gripping account of Cheryl’s murder, Ann Rule takes us from Brad’s troubled boyhood to one of the most bizarre trials in legal history, uncovering multiple marriages, financial manipulations, infidelities, and monstrous acts of harassment and revenge along the way.

Dead By Sunset is Ann Rule at her riveting best.

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