Annal: 1996 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Picture Book

Results of the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award in the year 1996.

Book:In the Rain with Baby Duck

In the Rain with Baby Duck

Amy Hest, Jill Barton

It’s a rainy day and Baby Duck hates rain. But Grampa Duck knows how to resolve the problem. So he goes up to the attic and comes back with a little umbrella and rubber boots.

Book:Fanny's Dream

Fanny's Dream

Caralyn Buehner, Mark Buehner

In this inventive take on the traditional Cinderella tale, Fanny Agnes is a sturdy farm girl with a big dream. Someday, she believes, she will marry a prince. When the town mayor announces he is throwing a grand ball, Fanny is convinced her time has come. She puts on her best calico dress and goes out to the garden so that she’ll be ready when her fairy godmother arrives. As the seconds tick by, Fanny waits and waits. Finally, she hears a voice. It isn’t her fairy godmother-but it is someone who will change her life forever.

Book:Home Lovely

Home Lovely

Lynne Rae Perkins

Hoping for trees or a flower garden, Tiffany transplants and cares for some seedlings that she finds and is surprised by what they become.

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