Annal: 1996 Golden Kite Picture Book Text Award

Results of the Golden Kite Award in the year 1996.

Book:Saving Sweetness

Saving Sweetness

Diane Stanley, G. Brian Karas

When Sweetness, the ittiest bittiest orphan in Ms. Sump’s orphanage, runs away, it’s up to the sheriff to find her and bring her back. The only problem is, Sweetness doesn’t want to be saved. She’d rather take her chances with Coyote Pete, the nastiest desperado in the Wild West, than face going back to Ms. Sump. So each time the sheriff catches up to her, she runs away again! How the sheriff finally finds a way to save Sweetness-for good-makes for a hilariously heartwarming story that’s sure to please.

Book:Leah's Pony

Leah's Pony

Elizabeth Friedrich, Michael Garland

Set in the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, this is the story of family love and the kindness of neighbors. Faced with the auction of their farm and equipment due to the drought, Young Leah decides to help her family by placing the first bid on her father's tractor, using the money she had received from the sale of her beloved pony. Full color.

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