Annal: 1996 Philip K. Dick Award

Results of the Philip K. Dick Award in the year 1996.

Book:The Time Ships

The Time Ships

Stephen Baxter

There is a secret passage through time…and it leads all the way to the end of Eternity. But the journey has a terrible cost. It alters not only the future but he “present” in which we live.

A century after the publication of H. G. Wells’ immortal The Time Machine, Stephen Baxter, today’s most acclaimed new “hard SF” author, and the acknowledged Clarke, returns to the distant conflict between the Eloi and the Morlocks in a story that is at once an exciting expansion, and a radical departure based on the astonishing new understandings of quantum physics.

Book:At the City Limits of Fate

At the City Limits of Fate

Michael Bishop



Sarah Zettel

Telekinetic, with healing powers, Erik turns his back on his heritage and establishes himself as a freelance computer engineer, employed by the self-proclaimed master race Vitae. When the Vitae kidnap a mysterious pariah named Arla Stone from the Realm of the Nameless, Eric must flee—but this time his telekinetic abilities might not be enough to save him.

Book:The Shift

The Shift

George Foy

Alex Munn works in Manhattan’s “Television City” as head writer for an ordinary soap opera. But when his TV bosses decide to use brand-new virtual reality technology to produce the most involving drama series ever, Munn signs on to revolutionize the TV industry. In his spare time, though, he creates another virtual world: “Munn’s World.” It’s set in gaslit 1850s New York City, where a vicious serial killer called the Fishman is disemboweling victims in the Bowery. But now, something has gone terribly wrong. It’s unscripted, it’s terrifying, but the Fishman has somehow escaped from Munn’s World—and followed Alex into the present.

Book:Transmigration of Souls

Transmigration of Souls

William Barton

In the changing political and economic world of the 21st century, America has established a permanent Moonbase, along with manned expeditions to near Earth asteroids. During an archaeological dig on the Moon, Americans discover an alien base with what appears to be teleportation and time travel equipment. But where are the aliens.

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