Annal: 1996 World Fantasy Award for Collection

Results of the World Fantasy Award in the year 1996.

Book:Seven Tales and a Fable

Seven Tales and a Fable

Gwyneth Jones

Book:Death Stalks the Night

Death Stalks the Night

Hugh B. Cave, Karl Edward Wagner

Originally scheduled as a Carcosa release, this collection by Hugh B. Cave includes eighteen novelettes and short stories dating from the Thirties. The collection was assembled and edited by Karl Edward Wagner. The genre was called “weird menace”, and it melded hard-boiled adventure with horror. Mad villains and their twisted henchmen abound, ever ready to kidnap and torture some beautiful, scantily-clad victim. The heroes were tough, two-fisted men of action, and action was what it was all about.

Book:The Ivory and the Horn

The Ivory and the Horn

Charles de Lint

In the city of Newford, when the stars and the vibes are right, you can touch magic. Mermaids sing in the murky harbor, desert spirits crowd the night, and dreams are more real than waking.

Charles de Lint began his chronicles of the extraordinary city of Newford in Memory & Dream and the short-story collection Dreams Underfoot. In The Ivory and the Horn, this uncommonly gifted craftsman weaves a new tapestry of stark realism and fond hope, mean streets and boulevards of dreams, where you will rediscover the power of love and longing, of wishes and desires, and of the magic that hovers at the edge of everyday life.

Book:The Panic Hand

The Panic Hand

Jonathan Carroll

Through the course of his eight unforgettable novels, Jonathan Carroll has earned comparisons to writers as diverse as Herman Hesse, Stephen King, Mark Helprin, Shirley Jackson, C. S. Lewis, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and John Milton. As this volume of shorter fiction demonstrates, however, Jonathan Carroll is one of a kind.

The twenty stories collected here transmit the same intense charges of intellect and emotion that characterize Carroll’s longer works. Among the many pleasures are:. “Friend’s Best Man”—An award-winning story about a dog that teaches its owner the real and very frightening meaning of “The Animal Kingdom;” “Black Cocktail”—A short novel about a high-school kid who never grew up—literally;. “The Sadness of Detail”—What are we to do when contacted by angels? What are we to do when one makes an offer we can’t refuse?; and. “A Flash in the Pants “—Original to this volume—a story about a beautiful stranger and a house that remembers all too well its previous owners.

Book:The Secret of this Book

The Secret of this Book: 20 Odd Stories

Brian W. Aldiss

A collection of 20 inter-related short stories by Brian Aldiss, encompassing many of his familiar themes. The stories are linked together by a commentary.

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