Annal: 1997 Agatha Award for Best Nonfiction

Results of the Agatha Award in the year 1997.

Book:Detecting Men Pocket Guide

Detecting Men Pocket Guide: Checklist

Willetta L. Heising

A while back, Heising produced a remarkable reader’s guide and checklist for mysteries written by women—Detecting Women. The reference work proved so popular that she has now completed a companion volume, Detecting Men. This large trade paperback not only provides detailed bibliographies and capsule biographies but also breaks down the books by type (journalism, legal, ecclesiastical), setting, series characters, and title chronology. There are also sections on pseudonyms and awards. The book should carry a warning for those addicted to browsing.

Book:Crimes of the Scene

Crimes of the Scene: A Mystery Novel Guide for the International Traveler

Nina King, Robin Winks

For the traveler, Crimes of the Scene serves as an exceptional reference book, offering lists and reviews of mystery novels that are set in countries around the world. To get the most out of a trip to Paris, try digging into one of the suggested novels featuring Maigret, the city’s most celebrated detective. Or to really soak up the scene in the outback, become engrossed in one of Arthur Upfield’s Bony adventures. What better way is there to enjoy vacation reading and learn about all the stops along the way than to pore over an atmospheric mystery? In addition to featuring important mysteries that take place in particular foreign countries, each of the twenty-one chapters opens with a brief, entertaining essay that describes how an area’s cultural and political climate impacts that area’s crime fiction.

Book:Guilty Parties

Guilty Parties: A Mystery Lover's Companion

Ian Ousby

Guilty Parties tells the whole story, accompanied by dozens of special features packed with information to surprise even the most avid fan. Classic puzzles like the locked-room mystery are analyzed and the Ten Commandments for the detective novel 1930s-style defined. Want to know what bean-shooters, roscoes, Chicago overcoat, nippers and buttons are? Look them up in the hard-boiled dictionary. Discover the stories of pulp fiction and film noir, or read about today’s feisty female private eyes. Complete with a world round-up of current crime novels, full lists of Edgars, Daggers and other prizes, a detailed chronology and ideas for further reading, here is the perfect guide to crime and mystery writing.

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