Annal: 1997 World Fantasy Award for Collection

Results of the World Fantasy Award in the year 1997.

Book:The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye

The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye: Stories

Jonathan Lethem

Seven stories by the author of Gun, with Occasional Music, Amnesia Moon, and the bestselling As She Climbed Across the Table.

Genre-bending, acid, extravagant, funny, surreal, and above all brilliant, Johnathan Lethem is “the hottest young author in the science fiction field.” (The Washington Post)

Enter his world at your own risk…and prepare to be changed.

Book:Bad Intentions

Bad Intentions

Norman Partridge

Tales of supernatural horror, dark suspense, gruesome irony, and the just-plain fantastic…twisted characters with decidedly different yet all-too-believable viewpoints…places you may have visited but have never seen clearly until now…tough yet strangely poetic prose…in-your-face shocks and nitro-laced plot twists you won’t soon forget…two brand new stories, an unpublished original comic script, story notes, and an introduction by multi-talented author Joe R. Lansdale: it’s all here in Bad Intentions, the long-awaited first full-length short story collection by Bram Stoker Award-winner Norman Partridge, a writer Stephen King calls “a major new talent.”

Book:Bible Stories for Adults

Bible Stories for Adults

James Morrow

Job’s back on the old dung heap, and he wants a rematch with God. A Series-700 computer successfully reconstructs the tablets with the Ten Commandments from a million indecipherable shards—only to have second thoughts. Sheila, the lascivious sinner fished from the Flood by the captain of the Ark, has an agenda all her own. A congregation of sexless androids believes Darwin’s theory of evolution applies to them and awaits the Great Genital Coming. And God justifies why he once beset mankind with an unusual plague. Why? Spare the rod, spoil the species, He says. (And He’s always right. That’s why He’s got the job.).

James Morrow unabashedly delves into matters both sacred and secular in this collection of stories buoyed by his deliciously irreverent wit. Among the dozen offerings is “Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge,” winner of a Nebula Award for Best Short Story. Humorous, cheerfully blasphemous, and ultimately poignant, these tales show Morrow at his divine best.

Book:Conference with the Dead

Conference with the Dead: Stories

Terry Lamsley

“In Conference with the Dead, Terry Lamsley presents ten excellent ghost stories in the classic English mode, deceptively civilized in execution but deeply disturbing as a trickle of icy water down the back of the neck. Any stiff upper lips encountered here are the result of rigor mortis. I really would not read these late at night, if I were you.” —Kage Baker, author of The Graveyard Game and Mother Aegypt

“I love ghost stories, especially when the writer is as good as Terry Lamsley, who has one of those legendary, word-of-mouth reputations, straight from self-publication to international recognition. He knows how to ground terror in a meticulous observation of the ordinary, and how to use the incomer’s, the outsider’s, disquieting uncertainties. Some of these tales (“The Toddler”, “Blade And Bone”) conjure the traditional M. R. James frisson, buried evil disturbed by the unwary. Some raise…[more]

Book:Midnight Promises

Midnight Promises

Richard T. Chizmar

Book:The Nightmare Factory

The Nightmare Factory

Thomas Ligotti

In the realm of the supernatural, Thomas Ligotti is the master of stylish, eerie writing of the highest quality. This new edition brings together his collected short stories with ‘Teatro Grottesco’, a sequence of new stories not published before.

Book:Pavilion of Frozen Women

Pavilion of Frozen Women

S.P. Somtow

This collection of ten stories features a modern-day Frankenstein in the sleazy suburbs of Bangkok, a hard-boiled detective exposing corruption in the entertainment industry, a theology of zombies and two fairy tales.

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