Annal: 1997 World Fantasy Award for Novel

Results of the World Fantasy Award in the year 1997.

Book:Godmother Night

Godmother Night

Rachel Pollack

Set in an alternate world, this modern fairy tale tells the story of two women, Laurie and Jaqe, who become lovers but are separated by Mother Night, a small elderly lady, who is death. Along with her gang of riotous bikers, she cruises through their lives, leaving a trail of heartbreak and joy.

Book:The 37th Mandala

The 37th Mandala

Marc Laidlaw

The incredible talents of Marc Laidlaw have brought us sharp-edged satire and edge-of-your-seat suspense, but nothing in the known world can prepare readers for the unsettling horror of The 37th Mandala.

The mandalas spawn in the sickness of our souls. They have always been among us, unseen and uncalled. Those few occult masters who have encountered them have known to leave them alone. When a cynical New Age charlatan named Derek Crowe learns of them, he sees an opportunity for big bucks. All he needs to do is turn the mandalas into guardian spirits with a message of joy—and fortune will be his. And Derek’s success will be our undoing.

Book:The Bear Went Over the Mountain

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

William Kotzwinkle

William Kotzwinkle, the esteemed author of The Fan Man and E.T.: The Extraterrestrial, is in top comic form in this outrageous and uproarious parable featring Hal Jam—a big black bear who finds a manuscript under a tree in the Maine woods, dons a suit and a tie, and heads off to the big city to seek his fame and fortune. What follows is a riotous magical romp with the buoyant Hal Jam as he leaves the quiet, nurturing world of the forest for the glittering and corrupt world of humans. New York and Hollywood and all that lies between serve as an expansive palette for Kotzwinkle’s wickedly funny satiric brush. The Bear Went Over the Mountain skewers our age’s obsession with money and fame in a delicious bedtime story for grown-ups.

Book:Devil's Tower

Devil's Tower

Mark Sumner

The turning point of the Civil War had come when the bodies got up at Shiloh. Dangerous magic had risen on a flood of blood and violence, and it swept across the land, washing away all but the strong and the lucky. Unnatural powers had been loosed, and nothing would ever be the same again.

Towns out west were dying faster than mayflies in June. To survive the perils of the frontierbandits, hexes, marauders, and conjurations, folks needed a strong sheriff. And any lawman who expected to survive had better have a fast gun and a talent for magic.

Jake Bird wasn’t aiming to pin any star to his chest. He had a talent, maybe a strong one. But before he could search out his future, he’d have to face his past—and stand up against the man who’d killed his father. That would mean a showdown against the most dangerous wielder of magic in all the West: General George Armstrong Custer!

Book:A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones: Book 1 of A Song of Ice and Fire

George R.R. Martin

A Game of Thrones is a contemporary masterpiece of fantasy. The cold is returning to Winterfell, where summers can last decades and winters a lifetime. A time of conflict has arisen in the Stark family, as they are pulled from the safety of their home into a whirlpool of tragedy, betrayal, assassination, plots and counterplots. Each decision and action carries with it the potential for conflict as several prominent families, comprised of lords, ladies, soldiers, sorcerers, assassins and bastards, are pulled together in the most deadly game of all—the game of thrones.

Book:The Golden Key

The Golden Key

Melanie Rawn, Kate Elliott, Jennifer Roberson

In the duchy of Tira Virte fine art is prized above all things, both for its beauty and as a binding legal record of everything from marriages and births to treaties and inheritances. And although the Grand Duke is aware that there is more to the paintings of certain master limners than meets the eye, not even he knows just how extraordinary the art of the Grijalva family truly is. For certain males of their bloodline are born with a frightening, magical talent—the ability to manipulate time and reality within their paintings, a Gift which enables them to alter events and influence people in the real world.

Always, their power has been used solely to aid Tira Virte and its ruler. Always, until the time of Sario Grijalva. Sario, driven by his own passion and ambition, has learned to use his Gift in a whole new way. Obsessed with both his magic and his beautiful, adored cousin Saavedra, Sario will do anything to win her love. Unable to bear it when Saavedra gives her heart to another,…[more]

Book:Shadow of Ashland

Shadow of Ashland

Terence M. Green

I have a memory of her outline in the darkened room, of the sway of the mattress, of the cool sheets wrapped about us, and of the tastes of her mouth as the lightning flashed finally in the skies, I remember the feel of her fingers as they trailed along my shoulder, and how much I needed that touch.

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