Annal: 1998 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Picture Book

Results of the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award in the year 1998.

Book:And If the Moon Could Talk

And If the Moon Could Talk

Kate Banks, Georg Hallensleben

It is night. Inside a house, a child is getting ready for bed. A hall light is switched on, toys and animals are settled in their places. Papa reads a story, Mama comes in to say good night, dreams wait to enter sleep…And if the moon could talk, it would tell of the many different nighttime activities that it sees from its vantage point, outside the house and high, high above.

In this tranquil, evocative picture book, text and pictures illuminate interior and exterior nighttime scenes, showing us what the moon might see-and say, if it could talk.

Book:Popcorn: Poems

Popcorn: Poems

James Stevenson

Here is James Stevenson’s follow-up to his popular poetry collection, Sweet Corn, which School Library Journal labeled in a starred review “A book to savor.”

Inside this volume are poems to make you laugh and poems to make you dream…and wonder…and think. Some are exuberant and some are quirky and some are sad, but each and every one will leave you hungry for more. So open the book, dig in-and enjoy!

Book:Seven Brave Women

Seven Brave Women

Betsy Hearne, Bethanne Andersen

Take a journey through time with seven women who left their indelible imprints on the past. Their history is a story and more. They were farmers and artists and missionaries and storytellers. They fought many battles but never in any wars. They were devout and determined and tireless and beloved. They were brave beyond compare. Betsy Hearne and Bethanne Andersen both make their picture-book debuts in this empowering, beautifully illustrated account of seven unforgettable women.

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