Annal: 1998 Bram Stoker Award for Novel

Results of the Bram Stoker Award in the year 1998.

Book:Bag of Bones

Bag of Bones: A Novel

Stephen King

Stephen King’s most gripping and unforgettable novel, Bag of Bones, is a story of grief and a lost love’s enduring bonds, of a new love haunted by the secrets of the past, of an innocent child caught in a terrible crossfire.

Set in the Maine territory King has made mythic, Bag of Bones recounts the plight of forty-year-old bestselling novelist Mike Noonan, who is unable to stop grieving even four years after the sudden death of his wife, Jo, and who can no longer bear to face the blank screen of his word processor.

Now his nights are plagued by vivid nightmares of the house by the lake. Despite these dreams, or perhaps because of them, Mike finally returns to Sara Laughs, the Noonans’ isolated summer home.

He finds his beloved Yankee town familiar on its surface, but much changed underneath—held in the grip of a powerful…[more]

Book:Darker Angels

Darker Angels

S.P. Somtow

1865. As Abraham Lincoln lies in state in New York, on his way to his final resting place in Illinois, the widow of a famous abolitionist has a chance encounter with the poet Walt Whitman, who has an astonishing tale to tell…

So begins Darker Angels, a saga of voodoo, zombies, and the Civil War. In this novel, which will take you from the college rooms of the young Lord Byron to the slave auctions of Haiti, from revival meetings to dark rituals of resurrection, from the battlegrounds of Virginia to the leopard societies of West Africa, Somtow weaves a richly layered tapestry of the dark heart of history.

At the center of the tale is Old Joseph, the one-eyed voodoo priest who dares to raise the dead from the battlefields of the Civil War. Into his circle of power, over the course of eighty tumultuous years, comes an unforgettable cast of characters:…[more]

Book:Fear Nothing

Fear Nothing

Dean Koontz

Christopher Snow is different from all the other residents of Moonlight Bay, different from anyone you’ve ever met. For Christopher Snow has made his peace with a very rare genetic disorder shared by only one thousand other Americans, a disorder that leaves him dangerously vulnerable to light. His life is filled with the fascinating rituals of one who must embrace the dark. He knows the night as no one else ever will, ever can—the mystery, the beauty, the many terrors, and the eerie, silken rhythms of the night—for it is only at night that he is free.

Until the night he witnesses a series of disturbing incidents that sweep him into a violent mystery only he can solve, a mystery that will force him to rise above all fears and confront the many-layered strangeness of Moonlight Bay and its residents.

Once again drawing daringly from several genres, Dean Koontz has created a narrative that is a thriller, a mystery, a wild adventure, a novel of friendship, a rousing story of triumph over severe physical limitations, and a haunting cautionary tale.

Book:Fog Heart

Fog Heart

Thomas Tessier

Oliver is a hard-nosed businessman: the supernatural cuts no ice with him. But when his wife Carrie starts seeing the ghost of her long-dead father, he reluctantly agrees to take her to see a medium in Connecticut.

Charley doesn’t believe in psychic mumbo-jumbo either, until his wife Jan gets messages from their dead daughter, and a friend who couldn’t possibly know him passes along an enigmatic message about their child from the same medium.

The two couples, both skeptical but desperate, are drawn together by the medium Oona, a beautiful, fragile young woman who knows things that no other living person should know. But Oona is the greatest mystery of all: Is her gift real, or is it the sign of a consuming, destructive madness? Can she somehow lead them to important truths beyond life, or will they all be trapped in a tightening web of terror and death?

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