Annal: 1998 International Horror Guild Award for Novel

Results of the International Horror Guild Award in the year 1998.

Book:Fog Heart

Fog Heart

Thomas Tessier

Oliver is a hard-nosed businessman: the supernatural cuts no ice with him. But when his wife Carrie starts seeing the ghost of her long-dead father, he reluctantly agrees to take her to see a medium in Connecticut.

Charley doesn’t believe in psychic mumbo-jumbo either, until his wife Jan gets messages from their dead daughter, and a friend who couldn’t possibly know him passes along an enigmatic message about their child from the same medium.

The two couples, both skeptical but desperate, are drawn together by the medium Oona, a beautiful, fragile young woman who knows things that no other living person should know. But Oona is the greatest mystery of all: Is her gift real, or is it the sign of a consuming, destructive madness? Can she somehow lead them to important truths beyond life, or will they all be trapped in a tightening web of terror and death?

Book:Darker Angels

Darker Angels

S.P. Somtow

1865. As Abraham Lincoln lies in state in New York, on his way to his final resting place in Illinois, the widow of a famous abolitionist has a chance encounter with the poet Walt Whitman, who has an astonishing tale to tell…

So begins Darker Angels, a saga of voodoo, zombies, and the Civil War. In this novel, which will take you from the college rooms of the young Lord Byron to the slave auctions of Haiti, from revival meetings to dark rituals of resurrection, from the battlegrounds of Virginia to the leopard societies of West Africa, Somtow weaves a richly layered tapestry of the dark heart of history.

At the center of the tale is Old Joseph, the one-eyed voodoo priest who dares to raise the dead from the battlefields of the Civil War. Into his circle of power, over the course of eighty tumultuous years, comes an unforgettable cast of characters:…[more]

Book:The Halloween Man

The Halloween Man

Douglas Clegg

A town where it rained blood…

The New England coastal town of Stonehaven had a history of nightmares—and dark secrets. But when Stony Crawford fell in love with beautiful Lourdes Maria Castillo, he became the unwitting pawn in a game of horror and darkness, a game that had been played since long before his birth.

The Halloween Man walks when the screaming begins, and only Stony Crawford holds the key to the chilling mystery of Stonehaven, and to the power of the unspeakable creature trapped within a summer mansion.

Book:Irrational Fears

Irrational Fears

William Browning Spencer

Jack Lowry, ex-college professor, awakens in Hurley Memorial Hospital’s shabby detox unit. It is not the first time his alcoholism has brought him here. Jack’s fellow patients are not people he would ordinarily seek out, but one, a pretty girl named Kerry Beckett, instantly assaults Jack’s heart. Enter The Clear, a cult whose leader has some very peculiar theories about alcoholism as an ancient alien curse. According to The Clear, alcoholism is not a disease: it is a damnation. Alcoholics are the progeny of an ancient tribe called the K’n-Yan, an underground race who worshipped Tsathoggua…When Kerry disappears, Jack and his oddball cohorts must save her (and, incidentally, the whole recovering world) while contending with chaos, self-help, alcoholism, and—of course—monsters.

Book:The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy

Graham Joyce

Sam and his friends are like any gang of normal young boys. Roaming wild around the outskirts of their car-factory town. Daring adults to challenge their freedom. Until the day Sam wakes to find the Tooth Fairy sitting on the edge of his bed. Not the benign figure of childhood myth, but an enigmatic presence that both torments and seduces him, changing his life forever. Is she real or just a figment of his turbulent imagination? All Sam knows, as he painfully grows from childhood to adolescence, is that she is never very far away…

Book:Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams: A Horror Novel

Norman Partridge

A storm is coming to Cliffside, California, and with it comes a killer.

His name is Clay Saunders, and he walks in two worlds. Born with a caul, Saunders sees ghosts. But to him, the world of the dead is very much like the world of the living. It’s a realm of eternal pain—inescapable and relentless—that cuts as deeply as the razor edge of the hired killer’s K-bar knife.

Saunders has spilled blood on Florida sand, and the snow-covered Canadian prairie, and the black lava of Hawaii. His latest target is Diabolos Whistler, leader of a satanic cult. Exiled in Mexico, Whistler is alone when Saunders stabs him just above the first vertebrae…alone, except for the mummies stacked like so much cordwood in his library.

But the living who await the killer’s arrival in Cliffside are more frightening than the decayed corpses of the dead.…[more]

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