Annal: 1998 Prometheus Award for Best Novel

Results of the Prometheus Award in the year 1998.

Book:The Stone Canal

The Stone Canal

Ken MacLeod

Life on New Mars is tough for humans, but death is only a minor inconvenience. The machines know their place, the free market rules all, and only the Abolitionists object.

Then a stranger arrives on New Mars, a clone who remember his life on Earth as Jonathan Wilde, the anarchist with a nuclear capability who was accused of losing World War III. This stranger also remembers one David Reid, who now serves as New Mars’s leader. Long ago, it turns out, Wilde and Reid had shared ideals and fought over the same women.

Moving from 20th-century Scotland through a tumultuous 21st century and outward to humanity’s settlement on a planet circling another star, The Stone Canal is idea-driven sci-fi at its best., making real and believable a future where long lives, strange deaths, and unexpected knowledge await those who survive the wars and revolutions to come.

Book:Bretta Martyn

Bretta Martyn

L. Neil Smith

Almost a thousand years from now, Arran Islay, son of the ruling family of a small but beautiful planet, saw his parents and siblings murdered by the vicious representative of a vast interstellar empire. He escaped and became a pirate…in the sea of space, and as the notorious “Henry Martyn” he terrorized those who made the mistake of flaunting ill-gotten booty.

Now Arran Islay and his wife have their own children—including Robretta, a young woman who knows her father’s legacy even though he’s settled down to rule the family’s holdings. When they are all summoned to another world to deal with a problem of interstellar importance, Bretta is trapped by a fiendish villain who has lain in wait to hatch a plan that would destroy not only the Islays, but their entire way of life. She is captured and cast among the refuse of the galaxy to die. But the daughter of Henry Martyn isn’t killed so easily.

Book:Finity's End

Finity's End

C.J. Cherryh

C.J. Cherryh returns to the universe of her classic Cyteen and Downbelow Station, and to the oldest, most historic of the interstellar Merchanter ships: the Neihart family’s Finity’s End. With a truce declared between the major powers, war hero Captain James Robert Neihart returns to the Alliance station of Pell to reclaim one of the Merchanters’ own.

During the Company Wars, Finity’s End had to leave a pregnant crew member on Pell and was unable to retrieve her orphaned son. But Fletcher Neihart has left Pell for the planet Downbelow where, after a childhood spent in uncaring foster homes, he’s found happiness working with the hisa—Downbelow’s mystic, peaceful natives. He even has a beautiful girlfriend. The last thing he wants is to be dragged into space. He has no choice.

And the Neiharts must deal with a resentful hostage who bears their name and features, but knows nothing of their history,…[more]

Book:The Fleet of Stars

The Fleet of Stars

Poul Anderson

In The Fleet of Stars, Poul Anderson brings back the wildly colorful Anson Guthrie, his iconoclastic hero from Harvest of Stars.

The staid, somber people of Earth are not only dependent on technology, they are all but ruled by machine intelligence. Suspecting a conspiracy to suppress the last vestiges of freedom known to humankind, Guthrie sets out on a dangerous and hair-raising journey encompassing the realm of the comets, the asteroids, and the stars themselves. Among the many exciting characters he meets along the way are the brave, beautiful Kinna Ronay and her courageous friend Fenn, who, against the advice of the wise and cautious Chuan, will join Guthrie in his attempt to stop the Terrans. Guthrie and his friends are determined that humankind will travel to the stars and roam the galaxies, even the universe itself, or die trying.



Bart Kosko

William Gibson meets Tom Clancy in this brilliant and chilling cyberthriller set in the multimedia world of the near furture—where oil is running out, wars are smart, and intelligent software agents may be the only friends you can trust.

In the year 2030—when the world has doubled in population and no one escape the prying eyes of the State—John Grant wants to save the Earth from its addiction to oil and get rich in the process. But the revolutionary new molecule he has patented—an astonishing advance that can split water and produce a virtually limitless supply of cheap feul hydrogen—has marked him as a traitor to his country…and as a target. Sufi mystic, genius mathematician and master terrorist Hamid Tabriz wants Grant’s patent and his mind. Now both goals are within Tabriz’s reach, thanks to a chip he has perfected which enables him to place his own mind in another’s head.

An increasingly chaotic world is racing toward annihilation. And John Grant will have to defend it—and himself—from a disembodied place far beyond the confines of space and time: in Nanotime.

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