Annal: 1999 Festival de Cannes Jury Awards for Feature Films

Results of the Festival de Cannes in the year 1999.



Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne

Rosetta follows a troubled young woman as she goes through her difficult life. That is, it follows her literally: the entire film is shot with handheld cameras, usually right behind the heroine. Rosetta (Emilie Dequenne) lives in a Belgian trailer park with her alcoholic mother, making a little money selling clothes that she’s mended. When she finally gets a job and begins a friendship with a coworker, she believes she’s reaching some degree of the normal life she desperately craves. But when she loses her job, she takes turns that may ruin any chance for…


Humanité: (Humanity)

Bruno Dumont

Bruno Dumont’s (The Life of Jesus) controversial and award-winning film follows a police detective trying to solve a brutal rape and murder of an 11 year-old girl.

Film:La Lettre

La Lettre: (The Letter)

Manoel de Oliveira

A well-bred, lovely, spiritual, sad young woman marries an attentive physician who loves her. She feels affection but no love. Soon after, without design, she falls in love with Pedro Abrunhosa, a poet and performance artist. He also loves her. She keeps her distance from him, confessing her love to a friend who is a nun and, later, to her husband. Hunger for her love and jealousy consume him; she attends him as he wastes away. With his death, she can marry and express her passion, but what she does and how she explains herself, particularly to her cloistered friend, is at the heart of the film. Glimpses of convent life and of Abrunhosa on stage give contrast and mute comment.

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