Annal: 1999 International Horror Guild Award for Novel

Results of the International Horror Guild Award in the year 1999.

Book:A Prayer for the Dying

A Prayer for the Dying: A Novel

Stewart O'Nan

Set in leafy Friendship, Wisconsin, just after the Civil War, A Prayer for the Dying opens harmlessly on a languid summer day; only slowly do events reveal themselves as sinister, bloom gently into a shared nightmare, as one neighbor after another succumbs to a creeping, always fatal disease. Our sole witness to this epidemic is Jacob Hansen, Friendship’s sheriff, undertaker, and pastor, a man with a large heart and conscience. As the disease engulfs his town, breeding hysteria, Jacob must find a humane way to save those he loves, short of calling a full quarantine and boarding up the sick in their houses. And what of the tramps slipping nightly through the tinder-dry woods, and the spiritualists from the city camped on the edge of town with their charismatic leader, Chase? Who will bury the dead properly, if not Jacob?

Book:Minions of the Moon

Minions of the Moon

Richard Bowes

Kevin Grierson has a Shadow with a mind of its own.

It likes thrills, it likes power, it likes the rush of drugs and danger. From the suburbs of Boston to the streets of New York, from the false glamour of advertising to the dark glamour of hustling and drug-dealing. Grierson’s Shadow keeps him walking the edge of destruction and madness. Then a simple robbery goes horribly wrong. With the help of a flawed saint named Leo Dunn, Grierson struggles to banish his Shadow, and succeeds.


Years later, sober and settled, at peace with his world, Kevin Grierson meets his Shadow again. And this time it won’t go away.

Book:Mr. X

Mr. X

Peter Straub

Mr. X is Straub’s original and startling take on the theme of the doppelgänger. Ned Dunstan’s birthday is fast approaching, and every year on this date, Ned experiences a paralyzing seizure in which he is forced to witness scenes of ruthless slaughter perpetrated by a mysterious and malevolent figure in black whom Ned calls Mr. X.

Ned has been drawn back to his hometown, Edgerton, Illinois, by a premonition that his mother, Star, is dying. Before she loosens her hold on life, she imparts to Ned the name of his father, never before disclosed, and warns him that he is in grave danger. Despite her foreboding, Ned’s determination to learn as much as possible about his absent father ignites a series of extraordinary adventures that gradually reveal the heart of both his own identity and that of his entirely fantastic family: He discovers that he is shadowed by an identical twin brother who can pass through doors and otherwise defy the laws of nature; he becomes…[more]

Book:Seven Stars

Seven Stars

Kim Newman

This is a collection of stories spanning the fields of mystery, horror, satire and science fiction. It takes the reader on a journey from Ancient Egypt to the 21st century as a succession of stalwart investigators confront a mystery that is handed down from generation to generation.

Book:The Talisman (Jonathan Aycliffe)

The Talisman

Jonathan Aycliffe

A statue, unearthed in ancient Babylon during the course of an archaelogical dig, is transported to London. Once there, it quickly exerts an evil influence over those with whom it comes into contact an influence that threatens to spread throughout London and beyond.

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