Annal: 1999 World Fantasy Award for Collection

Results of the World Fantasy Award in the year 1999.

Book:Black Glass

Black Glass: Short Fictions

Karen Joy Fowler

Carry Nation is on the loose again, breaking up discos, smashing topless bars, radicalizing women as she preaches clean living to men more intent on booze and babes. As for Mrs. Gulliver, her patience with her long-voyaging Lemuel is wearing thin: money is short and the kids can’t even remember what their dad looks like. And what of Tonto, the ever-faithful companion, turning forty without so much as a birthday phone call from that masked man?

In fifteen short fictions, Karen Joy Fowler turns accepted norms inside out and fairy tales upside down, pushing us to reconsider all our unquestioned verities and proving once more that she is among our most subversive writers of fiction. Filled with imaginative virtuosity, replete with wicked insights and cunning conceits, Black Glass delivers everything readers have come to expect of her fiction.

Book:The Cleft and Other Odd Tales

The Cleft and Other Odd Tales

Gahan Wilson

Sometimes amusing, sometimes frightening, Wilson’s short fiction is as eclectic as his cartooning. “blot” is a classic horror tale with a particularly artistic twist. “Campfire Story” mixes nostalgia with unease. “The Marble Boy” is a story from the oral tradition—a tale that might be told around a campfire or during a sleepover.

These tales and the twenty-one others that fill out this collection are entertaining and unnerving. The Cleft and Other Odd Tales contains more than two dozen original Gahan Wilson illustrations.

Book:Last Summer at Mars Hill

Last Summer at Mars Hill

Elizabeth Hand

Mars Hill spiritualist community, founded 1883

It’s nothing fancy. Just a faded resort on the rocky Maine Coast, inhabited by aging hippies, their rebellious children—and the elusive, shimmering spirits known as “the Golden Ones.”

They are the reason Mars Hill exists. Not everyone can see Them, but everyone can feel their healing presence. Even fetching, skeptical, young Moony Rising, who has come to say farewell to everything she ever loved. And to learn a secret more wondrous than love itself…

Book:Manitou Man

Manitou Man: The Worlds of Graham Masterson

Graham Masterson

Book:The Night We Buried Road Dog

The Night We Buried Road Dog

Jack Cady

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