Annal: 2000 Bram Stoker Award for Poetry Collection

Results of the Bram Stoker Award in the year 2000.

Book:A Student of Hell

A Student of Hell

Tom Piccirilli

He’s already proven himself a master of the thriller, the mystery, and the horror novel. Now he’s about to take on poetry.

A ground-breaking collection of verse from one of today’s most exciting new writers.

• Introduction by Charlee Jacob
• Afterword by Scott Urban
• Cover design by Jame Riley
• Interior illustrations by GAK, Mark McLaughlin, G. Warlock Vance, Wayne Miller, and Paul Swenson
• Signed by all contributors.


Book:Burial Plot in Sagittarius

Burial Plot in Sagittarius: Poetry and Artwork

Sandy DeLuca

Book:The Complete Accursed Wives

The Complete Accursed Wives

Bruce Boston

Five short stories and 35 poems reprinted from the pages of Asimov's SF, Amazing, Weird Tales, SF Age and other leading genre publications. Includes winners of the Asimov Readers Choice Award and the Best of Soft SF Award. Five original illustrations by Allen Koszowski.



Michael A. Arnzen

“Woman Gives Birth To 7-Lp Eyeball!”
“I Died And Watched My Own Surgery!”
“Ant Juice Cures Arthritis!”

Sound familiar? Nearly everyone knows that the stories in the tabloids aren’t ral, but pulp newspapers like the Weekly World News outsell most “real news” magazines. And that’s because—in some suble, unconcious way—the tabloids are reporting the truth.

In Paratabloids, Bram Stoker Award-winning horror writer Michael A. Arnzen captures that truth in 22 poems that steal actual headlines from the tabloids and tell the truth in a way that only Arnzen can. These poems all relish the outre, the insane, and the grotesque, telling the untold—and often quite touching—stories that lie right under the surface of the headlines.

“This is poetry like you’ve never heard it before!”

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