Annal: 2000 Gaylactic Spectrum Award for Best Novel

Results of the Gaylactic Spectrum Award in the year 2000.

Book:The Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual Corpse

The Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual Corpse

Keith Hartman

The truth has always depended on your point of view.

By 2024, the great American melting pot has become the great media buffet. Step right up and take what you want! Are you a gay man? Great, you’ll want to be sure and catch all the fun on the five channels of the Lambda network, now featuring the hit comedy My Three Dads, and The New Erotic Adventures of Superman. Oh, I’m sorry, you meant to say that you’re a fundamentalist Baptist? No problem. Just tune in to the Baptist News Network for all your information needs, and don’t miss a minute of our family-friendly sitcoms—programming with a moral and spiritual message! And don’t forget; now there’s BNN for the classroom, proudly beaming in to Baptist Schools across the country! A Wiccan? No problem, our news agency puts out a show that caters just to your interests—environmental issues, psychic phenomena, and the secrets to casting love spells that really work! And I’m sure…[more]

Book:The Wild Swans

The Wild Swans

Peg Kerr

Two different interweaving stories that mirror each other in theme and character study. The first story starts in 1689 England, where 15-year-old Eliza finds her 11 brothers turned into enchanted swans. Rejected by her father, Eliza is flown to America by her brothers. There, Eliza has a chance of saving her brothers, until she is accused of witchcraft-and now must fight for her own life. In the second story, Elias, a young man living with AIDS in the 1980s, is also rejected by his family and must learn to live life on the streets. With his new companion Sean, Elias finally finds personal acceptance amid the ostracism of a scorning public. Like Eliza before him, Elias struggles to understand the needless suffering he must endure.

Book:The Annunciate

The Annunciate

Severna Park

In a dark, brutal new age, humans have crossed vast stretches of space and incorporated new levels of technology into their very beings. Yet they still struggle with the bloody instincts that have tormented humanity since time immemorial. ThreeSys is a triangle of stars with eleven planets each, where people are divided into three classes—Meshed, Jacked, and Jackless—a caste system of technological access. “Mesh” has emerged as the universe’s single greatest power: a tiny elite of Meshed humans can access unsurpassed knowledge, enter another dimension, and manipulate lesser mortals’ reality.

But three of these gifted humans—Eve, Corey, and Annmarie—have harnessed this power for their own evil ends. Traveling throughout ThreeSys, the trio devotes their extraordinary abilities to selling what they claim is an end to all wars and aggression. What they’re actually selling is Staze, an opiumlike, instantly addictive drug that wraps the user in dreams and lethargy.…[more]

Book:The Granite Shield

The Granite Shield

Fiona Patton

A prequel to The Stone Prince and The Painter Knight, The Granite Shield is an equally rich action- and conflict-packed novel, replete with battles, politics, religious and Court intrigues, and focusing around a family gifted with the magic of the Flame, a power which can give its wielder the world or consume him.

Book:The Quartered Sea

The Quartered Sea

Tanya Huff

Queen Jalena of Shkoder has decided to start her reign by commissioning a ship to undertake the exploration of uncharted waters and see if it is possible to circumnavigate the world. When disaster strikes, the sole survivor is the bard Benedikt who Sings only One Quarter, that of Water. Found by the people of a Mayan-like civilization, he becomes a pawn between the brother and sister who are the most powerful people in their culture.

Book:Traitor's Moon

Traitor's Moon: Book 3 of the Nightrunner Series

Lynn Flewelling

As the war between Pleminar and Skala continues, there are growing rumors that Skala’s ancient ally, Mycena, is about to join with the wealthier Pleminar, cutting Skala off from all trade routes. Now Alec and Seregil are sent on their most daring mission yet: convince the people of Aurenen to join Skala and end the war.

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