Annal: 2000 Golden Kite Picture Book Illustration Award

Results of the Golden Kite Award in the year 2000.

Book:The Rain Came Down

The Rain Came Down

David Shannon

In this simple, funny picture book, Caldecott Honor Artist David Shannon captures the chaos that follows an unexpected downpour.

Once upon a sunny day, the sky clouded over, and the rain came down. The chickens squawked, the dog barked, the baby cried, the traffic snarled, the groceries fell, and still, the rain came down.

As one noisy event leads to another, the house painter accidentally bonks the barber with his can of paint, and the baker mistakenly pokes the pizza man with his umbrella. Soon the whole block is honking, bickering, and yelling — and then… the rain stops.

The sun comes out, and one by one, each character ends up smiling and helping someone else. Here is an engaging story that will brighten the day of any reader — rain or shine.

Book:The King and the Three Thieves

The King and the Three Thieves: A Persian Tale

Kristen Balouch

In this fresh retelling of an intriguing Persian folktale, a king disguises himself and slips out of his palace. He meets three ordinary men…or so they seem. But in fact each has a magical power and a dangerous plan to use it. The king appears to be caught up in their scheme but really has a surprise plan of his own. Kristen Balouch’s inventive retelling and stunning collage-like illustrations put a hip new spin on a tale with timeless appeal.

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