Annal: 2000 Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album

Results of the Grammy Award in the year 2000.

Album:Kid A

Kid A


How is it that Kid A’s opening track, laden with an electronic vocal stuttering “bleh, bluh-bleh bleh bluh” is the most fascinating statement made in rock & roll this year? Because somehow, even when Radiohead blathers and blips nonsense, it’s profound. The band’s future-perfect musical grammar may be hard to decipher, and the melody is even more subliminal, but the journey traveled with Radiohead reveals them to be not only rock music’s greatest adventurers in 2000, but teachers as well.



The Cure

No one revels in the sumptuous pleasures of melancholy like Robert Smith, the Cure’s leading mopemeister. In Smith’s world, it is always raining, comfort and happiness are fleeting, love is epic and torturous. On Bloodflowers, the band’s 11th studio album, his lyrical prowess continues to astound. Considering the subject matter, Smith’s always managed to steer clear of the clichéd, bad-high-school-poetry trap, and on Bloodflowers, the imagery is some of his most vivid and stabbing. On “The Loudest Sound,” a story about a couple who are, of course,…

Album:Liverpool Sound Collage

Liverpool Sound Collage

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney’s music has long been tainted by fallacious revisionism. Supposedly the Beatles’ safe sentimentalist soft-pop underbelly, he’s usually been portrayed as the antiseptic flip-side to John Lennon’s avant-garde bad boy. It’s good to remember that Paul penned “Helter Skelter,” John “Julia,” and that it was McCartney who was exploring the London avant-garde scene (and composing a “Revolution 9”-like sound collage for a theater project in ‘67) long before Lennon had even heard of Yoko Ono. Long dormant, that sensibility resurfaced in the ‘90s as…

Album:Midnite Vultures

Midnite Vultures


When Beck mangles folk, hip-hop, country, blues, and lo-fi rock into a unique sonic species, he pays homage to his influences in a way that is utterly entertaining. Indeed, the alt-rock vagabond is responsible for some of the 1990s’ most indispensable music. In his lesser moments, however, Beck’s attempts at emulating his preceptors fall flat, creating only B-grade versions of the genuine articles. Midnite Vultures splits down the middle between the great Beck and the not-so-great Beck. About half the album gorges on retro pulp fiction, a…

Album:When The Pawn...

When The Pawn...

Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple, what a character. Between the softcore video, the awards show rebuke, and now for her second album concocting history’s most ludicrous title (the full thing runs 90 words long), Apple is earning a rep as a world-class oddball. Which may be the case. In contrast to many of her faux eccentric contemporaries, however, this wolf in waif’s clothing seems to be genuinely astray in the straight world. And Apple is the real thing in another way—as a talent. When the Pawn Hits picks up where her eye-opening debut, Tidal, left off. With Jon Brion…

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