Annal: 2000 Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Album

Results of the Grammy Award in the year 2000.

Album:Symphony No. 1

Symphony No. 1

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson’s first symphony can’t really be called classical at all; if it had come out 20 years earlier, it would quite obviously have been filed under “Prog.” Sadly, even Jackson’s longtime fans might have trouble with this disc. There’s not a single pop hook to be found in its 45 minutes. Instead, we get four movements of rock-like instrumentals representing the different stages of life. With plenty of synths, electric guitar, and keyboards, the work allows the musician and his ensemble (featuring, among others, trumpeter Terence Blanchard and guitarist Steve…



Blue Man Group

It’s hard to believe that this is the debut CD created by award-winning performance-art sensations the Blue Man Group, whose off-the-wall and high-tech, highly percussive show has been an off-Broadway hit since the beginning of its uninterrupted run in 1991. This CD is not a soundtrack; while some pieces appear in the show, they are presented here with extra instruments, performers, and recently developed instruments. In addition to making abstract paintings by pouring paint onto kettledrums then bashing on them until the color pours onto an awaiting canvas, the…


Faith: A Holiday Album

Kenny G

Kenny G currently owns the smooth-jazz soprano sax with his popular, mainstream arrangements and compositions. And on his first holiday album, despite occasionally predictable charts and phrasing, the saxman delivers a thoughtful and moving collection of songs, spirituals, and hymns, with his trademark sound wedded to several ensemble and orchestral arrangements. The G-man stretches out in “Sleigh Ride” and “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” but these are balanced by more serious pieces such as the lovely, original “Eternal Light ( A Chanukah Song)” and “Ave…

Album:Hymns in the Garden

Hymns in the Garden

Kirk Whalum

Album:Pieces in a Modern Style

Pieces in a Modern Style

William Orbit

William Orbit’s Pieces in a Modern Style is an ambient album that rejigs 11 works by classical composers in a particularly tacky fashion. Even though Orbit has proved his mettle as an innovative and exciting producer for others—Blur’s 13 and Madonna’s Ray of Light—this is an ungainly meeting of the sublime and the absurd that, frankly, doesn’t work. Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings,” Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Triple Concerto,” Henryk Gorecki’s “Piece in the Old Style I,” and Antonio Vivaldi’s “L’Inverno” are four that unfortunately meet…

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