Annal: 2000 International Horror Guild Award for Collection

Results of the International Horror Guild Award in the year 2000.

Book:City Fishing

City Fishing

Steve Rasnic Tem

This mammoth retrospective of Mr. Tem’s horror fiction covers two decades of writing and features over three dozen stories! Ranging from early classics such as “The Painters are Coming Today” to several pieces appearing for the first time anywhere, City Fishing is a cornerstone volume for any serious collection of modern horror.

In the last twenty years, Steve Rasnic Tem’s stories have been consistently featured in various “Year’s Best” collections and nearly every major anthology. This collection gathers together a huge selection of his best supernatural and dark suspense stories. Readers have been clamoring for just such a collection for years.

Book:Ghost Music and Other Tales

Ghost Music and Other Tales

Thomas Tessier

Startling, eerie, unnerving—Thomas Tessier’s fiction takes the reader into shadowy corners of experience where the everyday world breaks down and people are suddenly caught in disturbed states of mind, disturbed states of reality. These stories and novellas are rooted in the familiar, but permeated with an escalating sense of menace and terror.

Ghost Music collects Tessier’s short fiction for the first time, and also includes two new, previously unpublished tales.

Book:The Death Artist

The Death Artist

Dennis Etchison

Dennis Etchison has won multiple World Fantasy and British Fantasy Awards for both his writing and his editing, and he is able, as few authors are, to instill a sense of foreboding and paranoia in settings we can all recognize, populated by people we all know. Collected here for the first time in paperback are twelve of Etchison’s finest tales of horror and suspense, guaranteed to quicken the heart and chill the blood. The places he describes may seem normal at first, but in his hands they are transformed quickly into dark nightmare realms—cities of the cursed and the damned. Allow Dennis Etchison to show you what lurks behind the veil of familiarity—but prepare yourself for what you will find.

Book:Magic Terror

Magic Terror: Seven Tales

Peter Straub

No one tells a story like Peter Straub. He dazzles with the complexity of his plots. He delights with the sophistication and eloquence of his prose. He startles you into laughter in the face of events so dark you begin to question your own moral compass. Then he reduces you to jelly by spinning a tale so terrifying-and surprising-you wind up sleeping with the lights on.

With Magic Terror, the bestselling author of Ghost Story and The Talisman (with Stephen King) has given us one of the most imaginatively unsettling collections in years. The terrain of these extraordinary stories is marked by brutality, heart-break, despair, wonder, and an unexpected humor that allows empathy to blossom within the most unlikely contexts.

“Bunny Is Good Bread” takes us into the mind of a small boy trapped in grotesque circumstances to portray the creation of a serial killer in a manner that compels pity, sorrow, comprehension, and grief-as well as judgment. “Hunger, an Introduction,”…[more]

Book:Tales of Pain and Wonder

Tales of Pain and Wonder

Caitlín R. Kiernan

Through the unflinching lens of her exquisite prose, in Tales of Pain and Wonder Kiernan explores a surreal world where the fantastic and the mundane are never separated by more than the insubstantial thickness of a shadow. From the murderous back streets of New Orleans to an abandoned shipyard on the Hudson River, from sun-weary Los Angeles to a maze of dank and forgotten tunnels beneath Manhattan, these stories present a landscape at once alien and undeniably familiar.



Al Sarrantonio

Little Selene is bored. And then comes the mysterious Toyman, carrying a very special toybox, filled with wonders and terrors beyond imagination. As Selene peers into the toybox, the stories tumble out: a quiet little girl whose horrible secret bursts forth at a Halloween party…a doll made of corn that hides a very nasty surprise…a depraved celebration for the last vampire…All of these and many more await Selene—and now they wait for you—inside the toybox. Go ahead, open it. If you dare.

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