Annal: 2000 Pura Belpré Award for Illustration

Results of the Pura Belpré Award in the year 2000.

Book:Magic Windows

Magic Windows

Carmen Lomas Garza

Through the magic windows of her cut-paper art (papel picado), Carmen Lomas Garza reveals her family, her life as an artist, and the legends of her Aztec past. Readers catch a glimpse of the hummingbirds that carry the souls of ancestors and persist in crossing the Mexican-American border to taste the sweet nectar of the cactus flowers; they look into Garza's studio and see her paint a Mexican jarabe tapatio dancer; and they watch her teach her nieces and nephews how to make their own magic windows in this fascinating exploration of Mexican family life, community, and history.


Barrio: José's Neighborhood

George Ancona

Welcome to José's neighborhood. In his barrio, people speak an easy mix of Spanish and English and sometimes even Chinese. The masked revelry of Halloween leads into the festive remembrances of the Day of the Dead. And murals on the walls and buildings sing out the stories of the people who live here. As familiar as any neighborhood yet as strange as a foreign country, Jose's barrio isn't in Mexico or Argentina - it's in San Francisco.

Award-winning author and photographer George Ancona follows José through a season in the barrio, and in the process gives readers a glimpse of a community as rich and varied as America itself.

Book:Mama and Papa Have a Store

Mama and Papa Have a Store

Amelia Lau Carling

From the clip, clop of the milkman's mule in early morning to the clic, clac of her father's abacus at night, a young girl tells about a day in her family's store and home in Guatemala City. Every day customers of many heritages - speaking Spanish, Chinese, and Mayan - come to buy cloth, buttons, and thread in colors like parrot green and mango yellow, and dozens of other items.

While the girl's parents and their friends talk about their hometown in China from where they emigrated many years ago, she and her siblings play games on the rooftop terrace, float paper boats, and make shadow puppets under the glow of flashlights. When the store closes, the girl dances to celebrate her day.

Amelia Lau Carling's thoroughly American children loved her childhood stories about Guatemala so much that she wrote them down for others.

Book:The Secret Stars

The Secret Stars

Joseph Slate, Felipe Dávalos

In New Mexico on a rainy, icy Night of the Three Kings, Sila and Pepe worry that the kings will not be able to use the stars to navigate, so their grandmother takes them on a magical journey to see the secret stars all around them.

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