Annal: 2001 Agatha Award for Best Novel

Results of the Agatha Award in the year 2001.

Book:Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law: A Mitch Mitchell Mystery

Rhys Bowen

From the creator of the much-loved Constable Evan Evans mysteries comes a colorful new series set in turn-of-the-century New York City. When spirited redhead Molly Murphy was growing up a peasant on the coast of Ireland she always imagined there was something more in store for her. She couldn’t have known how right she was until the day she became a murderer, albeit in self-defense. Under drastic circumstances, Molly is forced to strike out into a new world. With the police right behind her, Molly’s only chance at escape is a false identity and a steamship that will take her far, far away: to America.

When her ship sails into New York Harbor, with the majestic figure of the Statue of Liberty providing comfort and inspiration, Molly is sure her whole life is in front of her. But she’s got one last hurdle to clear: Ellis Island. She is just one among thousands of immigrants on the tiny island, awaiting their fate with anxiety and hope. Unfortunately for Molly, before she is…[more]

Book:Arkansas Traveler

Arkansas Traveler: A Benni Harper Mystery

Earlene Fowler

Earlene Fowler has earned unprecedented acclaim for her "compelling" (Booklist), "brilliantly crafted" (The Mystery Zone) mysteries featuring folk-art expert Benni Harper. In Arkansas Traveler, Benni returns to the small Arkansas town where she spent her childhood summers, hoping to reconnect with her friends and family. But Sugartree isn't the peaceful place she remembers. It's torn apart by racial tensions-and murder...

Book:The Bride's Kimono

The Bride's Kimono

Sujata Massey

Antiques dealer Rei Shimura has managed to snag one of the most lucrative and prestigious freelance jobs of her career: transporting a packet of exquisitely embroidered nineteenth-century kimonos from Tokyo to Washington, D.C., for an exhibit, and to give a lecture on them.

It’s been years since Rei has set foot in the land of her birth, and in that time, she’s become estranged from it. On the other hand, she does not exactly fit in with the band of Japanese office ladies she’s accompanied, who have traveled to the United States for a week’s worth of shopping. Still, everything seems to be going well enough, until one of the kimonos is stolen from her hotel room and Rei’s passport shows up in a Dumpster behind a shopping mall—on the dead body of one of the office ladies. In the middle of this, Rei’s ex-boyfriend, Hugh Glendinning, inexplicably arrives in town. …[more]

Book:Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark: A Southern Vampire Mystery

Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse is just a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life-and one of her coworkers checks out….

Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn’t such a bright idea.

Book:Shadows of Sin

Shadows of Sin: A Jessie Drake Mystery

Rochelle Krich

One of the “top ten women who write superior crime fiction” (Charles Champlin, mystery reviewer for the Los Angeles Times), Rochelle Krich propels her exceptional sleuth, LAPD homicide detective Jessie Drake, into a deadly maze of rage, revenge, and moral complexities in what is the award-winning author’s most gripping and provocative novel to date.

At first glance it appears to be a random multiple murder—a prominent plastic surgeon and his nurse and receptionist shot dead in their plush Century City office. But to Jessie Drake, the savage nature of Dr. Ronald Bushnell’s fatal wounds suggests a crime of intense passion…and bitter retribution.Following her suspicions, the conscience-driven detective takes her investigation to the core of the seemingly harmonious family life of the slain surgeon. On the surface, Bushnell had everything: respect, money, a palatial home, a loving wife and daughter. But there is a joker in the deck, Bushnell’s foster son, Ethan Meissner—a…[more]

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