Annal: 2001 Barry Award for Best Novel

Results of the Barry Award in the year 2001.

Book:Deep South

Deep South: An Anna Pigeon Novel

Nevada Barr

The handwritten sign on the tree said it all: REPENT. For Anna Pigeon, this should have been reason enough to turn back for her beloved Mesa Verde. Instead she heads for the Natchez Trace Parkway and the promotion that awaits her. Almost immediately, she finds herself in the midst of controversy: as the new district ranger, she faces resentment so extreme her ability to do her job may be compromised, and her life may very well be in danger. But all thoughts of personal safety are set aside with the discovery of a young girl’s body in a country cemetery, a sheet around her head, a noose around her neck.

The kudzu is thick and green, the woods dark and full of secrets. And the ghosts of violence hover as Anna struggles for answers to questions that, perhaps, should never be asked. Deep South proves that, “like the parks and monuments she writes of, Nevada Barr should be declared a national treasure” (The Bloomsbury Review).

Book:Cross Dressing

Cross Dressing: A Novel

Bill Fitzhugh

Dan Steele Has It Made.

He’s on top of his game as creative director of the The Prescott Agency in L.A., a jaundiced adman who looks at you and sees a narrow demographic-and a very fat paycheck. His identical twin, Michael, a do-gooder Catholic priest, can traipse around the Third World doing all the emergency relief work he wants. For Dan, doing good means having the biggest home entertainment center money can buy. But his life of conspicuous consumption is about to come to a horrible screeching whoa.Cross Dressing

Just returned from Rwanda, Father Michael is ill, so Dan sends him to the hospital on his own insurance coverage; what’s a brother for, right? But when Michael’s disease turns fatal, Dan is suddenly facing a prison sentence for insurance fraud. Since Dan also needs to hide from an enraged copywriter whose brilliant idea he stole, the best solution is to take up the cloth…[more]

Book:Places in the Dark

Places in the Dark: A Novel

Thomas H. Cook

It is autumn 1935 when a mystery woman appears in Port Alma, a small sea village nestled on the chilly coast of Maine. A fragile, green-eyed beauty, the woman arrives with little more than the clothes on her back and a wealth of unspoken secrets. Before a year goes by, she will flee Port Alma on the same bus that brought her there. But before she goes, she will irrevocably alter the lives of two brothers—leaving one dead, and the other perched on the edge of madness….

In lyrical and sumptuous prose, Edgar Award-winning writer Thomas Cook has penned a mesmerizing novel of brotherly binds, damning betrayal, and the desperate acts people commit in the name of passion. It is a shattering tale that explores the catastrophic fate of a family torn apart by tragedy and time…and of a man who discovers that love has the power to heal the deepest wounds—but can also destroy those who resist it the most…

Book:Running Blind

Running Blind: A Jack Reacher Novel

Lee Child

People say that knowledge is power. The more knowledge, the more power. Suppose you knew the winning numbers for the lottery. What would you do? You would run to the store. You would mark the numbers on the play card. And you would win. Same for the stock market. Same for basketball or the horses or anything. Same for killing people…

So begins Running Blind, the electrifying new novel in the acclaimed series featuring ex-military policeman Jack Reacher.

Women are dying. Women who have nothing in common except the fact they once worked for the military. And they knew Jack Reacher. How and why these women are in danger completely baffles the elite FBI team working the case. There is no trace evidence. There are no links between the victims. Their bodies have no fatal wounds. And the killer has entered their homes and exited again like a summer breeze. Are these the perfect crimes? There is only one certainty: there is a new kind of killer out there, one so calm, cautious, and careful that even the brilliant Reacher is left running blind.

Book:Unwanted Company

Unwanted Company: A Munch Mancini Novel

Barbara Seranella

Miranda “Munch” Mancini has seen the worst of times, but she’s still looking for the best. A recovering addict and auto mechanic, she’s now a single mother and a fledgling businesswoman trying to run a limousine service. But being her own boss means she can’t afford to turn down a client, even when a seedy government type offers her big money to drive around a foreign businessman…

The problems start when Munch promises to hire Ellen, an old friend fresh out of prison, as a driver. Next thing Munch knows, though, her friend, her client, and her Cadillac are missing in action, and the police are at her door.

With the custody of her adoptive daughter on the line and Ellen’s life in Jeopardy, there’s nothing Munch won’t do to help her pal, police detective Mace St. John, solve the case. But if there’s a brutal murderer on her trail, what can Munch do—which won’t get her killed—to stop him?

Book:Winter of the Wolf Moon

Winter of the Wolf Moon: An Alex McKnight Mystery

Steve Hamilton

Ex-cop and sometime-P.I. Alex McKnight endures the bitter winter of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in his log cabin with warm fires and cold Molsons. When Dorothy Parrish, a young Ojibwa woman asks him for shelter from her violent boyfriend, McKnight agrees. But after secreting her in one of his cabins, he finds her gone the next morning. McKnight suspects vicious, hockey-playing Lonnie Bruckman of abducting the woman, but his search for her brings on more suspects, bruising encounters, and a thinkening web of crime, all obscured by the relentless whiplash of brutal snowstorms. From the secret world of the Ojibwa reservation to the Canadian border and deep into the silent woods, someone is out to kill—and McKnight is driving right into the line of fire…

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