Annal: 2001 Barry Award for Best Paperback Original P.I. Novel

Results of the Barry Award in the year 2001.

Book:The Kidnapping of Rosie Dawn

The Kidnapping of Rosie Dawn: A Joe Barley Mystery

Eric Wright

Joe Barley, a part-time lecturer in English Literature and part-time security guard, is alerted by his maid to the disappearance of another of her employers, Rosie Dawn, a student of classics who is working her way through school by being an exotic dancer and the mistress of a fast-food entrepreneur. The novel also involves campus politics—a student tries to exploit the nervous administration over its minority policies.

Book:Death Dances to a Reggae Beat

Death Dances to a Reggae Beat

Kate Grilley

Kelly Ryan has just moved to the Caribbean island of St. Chris to run a top-rated radio station. She knew that her new life would be full of adventure—but she never expected murder…


Distemper: An Alex Bernier Mystery

Beth Saulnier

Distemper, the sequel to Reliable Sources, picks up a year after the first mystery ends.

Twentysomething journalist Alex Bernier is still trying to get over the death of her cop-reporter lover when she gets caught up in an even more dangerous case in her eccentric Upstate New York college town. Someone is killing women in Gabriel. They’re found in the woods, naked and strangled but their dogs simply disappear. As Alex covers a series of stories ranging from serial murder to animal-rights zealotry, she’s in danger of becoming the killer’s next victim. Along the way, she clashes with ambitious newshounds, an anonymous stalker, and a big-city police detective a straight-laced guy with whom she just might take another stab at romance.

Book:Dive Deep and Deadly

Dive Deep and Deadly: A Luanne Fogarty Mystery

Glynn Marsh Alam

Luanne Fogarty, adjunct scuba diver and reluctant linguistics professor, makes her debut in Glynn Marsh Alam’s first novel, Dive Deep and Deadly, set in the swamps outside Tallahassee.

Born in a swamp house, Luanne has returned to the dilapidated structure after her father’s death. She lives on the Palmetto River, between the glass bottomed boat park of Palmetto Spring and the tiny river town of Fogarty Spring. Her nearest neighbor and friend is the octogenarian Cajun, Dorian Pasquin.

Luanne’s struggle to repair the house comes to a halt when sheriff’s detective, Tony Amado, asks her to check out one of the deep underwater caves at Palmetto Spring where some boys have reported seeing a body. Luanne, a scuba diver who has a lifetime of familiarity with the dangerous caverns, goes down and locates the body of an elderly woman. When the regular sheriff’s deputies dive the next morning to retrieve the body, it has disappeared.

Book:Little Mexico

Little Mexico

Cathie John

It’s 1943 and Newport, Kentucky (aka Little Mexico) is the bawdiest spot in America. Dozens of illegal casinos and brothels line the major thoroughfares of this outlaw hideaway just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, providing entertainment for the thousands of otherwise honest, law-abiding citizens swarming in from hundreds of miles around. This is the gambling Mecca of America, years before Las Vegas is a twinkle in Bugsy Siegel’s eye.

The Cleveland Syndicate controls almost all the major sources of gambling in the area, as well as the mayor, city council, police chief, and anyone who matters in Newport’s city government.

Nick Cavanaugh, a sailor on leave, finds himself taking sides with independent casino owners Carl and Pearl Jules against the powerful Syndicate, which wants to keep this territory all to itself. …[more]

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