Annal: 2001 Bram Stoker Award for Fiction Collection

Results of the Bram Stoker Award in the year 2001.

Book:The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists

The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists

Norman Partridge

A brand new collection from Norman Partridge! This volume gathers several previously uncollected stories together with some new works. The Man With the Barbed-Wire Fists contains 24 stories that span the length of Partridge’s writing career. It also feature an 8,500 word introduction, as well as a complete bibliography. This career retrospective collection is sure to appeal to both fans of Partridge’s novels (Saguaro Riptide, The Ten-Ounce Siesta, Slippin Into Darkness), as well as new readers, who may not familiar with his distinctive voice, and gripping style.

Book:As the Sun Goes Down

As the Sun Goes Down

Tim Lebbon

As The Sun Goes Down presents a tableau of stories each very distinct in content and form, yet inextricably linked in disturbing the reader and challenging their accepted values. Not one tale is wasted in Lebbon’s determination to subvert our perceptions of love, life, nature, beauty and the innocence of childhood. His use of language and narrative form is unrelenting, each vying to create images from words that incessantly chip away at our confidence in the so-called ‘truths’ of existence.

Book:The Dark Fantastic

The Dark Fantastic

Ed Gorman

Seventeen stories. Seventeen slices of terror. Seventeen trips into the shadows. Whether it takes place in small-town America, a lonely highway at night, the near future, or the Old West, the real setting of each tale is the realm of nightmare, the place where imagination and fear reign.

No one knows this eerie realm more intimately than Ed Gorman, award-winning author and master of dark suspense. Now, for the first time, his greatest tales of horror and the unknown are collected in one volume, a compendium of the fantastic and the terrifying, the chilling and the grotesque. Brace yourself as you get ready to experience…the dark fantastic.

Book:The Whisperer and Other Voices

The Whisperer and Other Voices

Brian Lumley

The Whisperer and Other Stories contains a complete short novel, The Return of the Deep Ones, as well as eight more weighty slices from the dark imagination of Brian Lumley. Here are several of Lumley’s best H. P. Lovecraft-inspired tales, including “The Statement of Henry Worthy.” Also included are “The Luststone” and “The Disapproval of Jeremy Cleave,” proving that Lumley can make one laugh even while the hairs on the back of their neck are slowly coming to attention. ..

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