Annal: 2001 Edgar Allan Poe Award® for Best Paperback Original

Results of the Edgar Allan Poe Award® in the year 2001.

Book:The Black Maria

The Black Maria: A Mystery of Old Philadelphia

Mark Graham

Captured at Gettysburg, imprisoned in Andersonville, Wilton McCleary lost his innocence in the Civil War. But on the streets of Philadelphia he’s found a home—as a grizzled city detective facing squalor and pathos every day on the beat. Now the whole world is celebrating a glorious future at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. But on the fringes of this massive exposition, McCleary wades into a drowning pool of murder, depravity, and deception that can only end with a dark ride on…THE BLACK MARIA.

While countries from around the world display their gleaming new inventions in the Centennial, nearby is a labyrinth of festering streets called Shantyville, with its opium dens, criminals, and freak shows. Here, Wilton McCleary comes across the butchered body of a girl. As McCleary grapples with a killing his own police superiors want to ignore, he realizes that he had come…[more]

Book:The Kidnapping of Rosie Dawn

The Kidnapping of Rosie Dawn: A Joe Barley Mystery

Eric Wright

Joe Barley, a part-time lecturer in English Literature and part-time security guard, is alerted by his maid to the disappearance of another of her employers, Rosie Dawn, a student of classics who is working her way through school by being an exotic dancer and the mistress of a fast-food entrepreneur. The novel also involves campus politics—a student tries to exploit the nervous administration over its minority policies.

Book:Killing Kin

Killing Kin

Chassie West

Though she’s out in disability with a bum knee, Washington, D.C. cop Leigh Ann Warren has plenty of detective work to keep her busy.Her partner and former fiance, Dillon Upshur Kennedy, lovingly known as Duck, has gone missing, and everyone from shady criminals to fellow officers are on the streets looking for him.

Armed with a few seemingly unrelated clues, including a mysterious piggy bank and a dead body in her own apartment, the tenacious Liegh Ann sets off on an investigation that turns ever more dangerous the futher she probes. Following a deadly trail that leads her deep into the woods of western Maryland and into a killer’s lair, Leigh Ann suddenly discovers it’s Duck’s career and life on the line, but hers too.

Book:Murder on St. Mark's Place

Murder on St. Mark's Place: A Gaslight Mystery

Victoria Thompson

In turn-of-the century New York City, midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy see birth and death—and even murder…

Book:Pursuit and Persuasion

Pursuit and Persuasion

Sally S. Wright

Academic sleuth Ben Reese returns to Scotland, entangled in a case of murder among friends.

The sudden death of rich, generous Scottish professor Georgina Fletcher seems like a tragic accident. Indeed, American archivist Ben Reese can scarcely believe that it was not. But Georgina had foreseen her death, and had laid down a secret trail of evidence pointing to a hard-hearted murder committed by someone with much to gain if she died—or to lose if she lived. Was it the brilliant sculptor Georgina had educated and supported? The beautiful student who is also her heir? Her late husband’s business associates? Or a jealous colleague in her own department?  It appears that someone very close to her not only killed with fiendish cleverness but wants to ensnare Ben like a blind rat in a live trap—from which he’ll never escape…

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