Annal: 2001 Festival de Cannes Jury Awards for Feature Films

Results of the Festival de Cannes in the year 2001.

Film:The Son's Room

The Son's Room: (La Stanza del Figlio)

Nanni Moretti

Italian filmmaker Nanni Moretti’s signature talent for the overheard, unexpected, and happened-upon detail lends The Son’s Room, the story of a grieving middle-class family, the unnerving quality of an unwanted surprise. Giovanni (Moretti) is a successful psychoanalyst whose family life is remarkably placid and enviously intimate: his beautiful wife (Laura Morante) and two intelligent, attractive teenage children are unafraid of their emotions. When his son, Andrea (Giuseppe Sanfelice), drowns in a diving accident, Giovanni is driven to suspend his…

Film:The Piano Teacher

The Piano Teacher: (La Pianiste)

Michael Haneke

An unexpected critical (Grand Prix at Cannes) and commercial (three months in London’s West End) success on its release in 2001, The Piano Teacher is a provocative, but ultimately frustrating, film. The intensifying relationship between Erika Kohut, a Viennese piano teacher whose musical focus is gradually undone by sexual repression, and Walter Klemmer, her uninhibited but unsuspecting student and admirer, lacks an underlying motivation, either physical or emotional, to sustain the tortuous encounters of the film’s later stages.

Director Michael…

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