Annal: 2001 Gold Dagger Award for Nonfiction

Results of the Dagger Award in the year 2001.

Book:The Infiltrators

The Infiltrators: The First Inside Account of Life Deep Undercover with Scotland Yard's Most Secret Unit

Philip Etienne, Martin Maynard, Tony Thompson

Philip Etienne and Martin Maynard are two of London’s most successful villains. They specialize mainly in drugs, trading huge amounts of cocaine, ecstasy, crack and cannabis. They also deal in guns, stolen cars, credit cards and pretty much anything else that comes their way. And business is booming; crime does pay. Martin drives a brand-new top-of-the-range BMW, Philip a slick Mercedes. When they hit town their wallets are fat with banknotes. If a deal looks good they can lay their hands on hundreds of thousands of pounds in cash at a moment’s notice. They can be contacted only through word-of-mouth recommendation. Only too aware that you can never be sure who’s listening in, they never brag about their exploits. Tough, streetwise, professional and absolutely fearless, they’re the kind of men other crooks feel comfortable dealing with. And that’s just the idea, because Philip and Martin are undercover police officers. …[more]

Book:Maggots, Murder, and Men

Maggots, Murder, and Men: Memories and Reflections of a Forensic Entomologist

Zakaria Erzinclioglu

The science of forensic entomology—the application of insect biology to the investigation of crime—is extremely specialized, combining as it does an expert knowledge of entomology with keen powers of observation and deduction. Dr. Erzinçlioglu has been a practitioner for over twenty-five years and has been involved in a great number of investigations, including some recent high-profile cases, where his evidence has been critical to the outcome.

A great admirer of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Erzinçlioglu compares his own techniques with those of his fictional hero, and takes the reader behind the often gruesome but deeply fascinating scenes of a murder investigation. This absorbing book ranges over cases from history, prehistory and mythology to the present day and is as gripping and readable as a good thriller.

Book:Patriot Traitors

Patriot Traitors

Adrian Weale

In the 20th century only four British citizens were convicted of the ancient crime of High Treason and only two of these—Roger Casement and John Amery—suffered what was, until 1998, the only penalty allowed by the law: execution.

During the First World War, Casement, a retired British consular official knighted by King Edward VII for his humanitarian work in Africa and South America, attempted to recruit a brigade of Irish prisoners of war to liberate Ireland after German victory on the Western front. In the Second World War, Amery, the son of Churchill’s Secretary of State for India, tried to recruit a legion of British soldiers into the Waffen-SS to fight against Bolshevism on the Eastern front. But even a cursory examination of their crimes reveals both men to have been inept and ineffectual traitors, more of a burden to their German sponsors than an asset. …[more]

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