Annal: 2001 Kate Greenaway Medal

Results of the Kate Greenaway Medal in the year 2001.

Book:Pirate Diary

Pirate Diary

Richard Platt, Chris Riddell

A rollicking account of pirate life by the creators of the acclaimed Castle Diary.

The twenty-third of September, 1716 I write this on my last day at home. Tomorrow I am to join my Uncle Will aboard his ship and become A Sailor. Will has told me of sea monsters and mermaids and has sailed through a hurricane. Maybe I shall see these things For Myself!

Nine-year-old Jake Carpenter does indeed see all this—and more, when his ship, the Greyhound, is captured by pirates and he embarks on an exciting new life on the wrong side of the law. Follow his adventures in this swashbuckling account of pirate life, by the creators of the acclaimed Castle Diary.

Book:Fix-it Duck

Fix-it Duck

Jez Alborough

Plop! goes the drip that drops from the cup. Duck looks down and Duck looks up. 'A leak in the roof, oh! What bad luck. This is a job for FIX-IT DUCK.' So begins the hilarious new adventure of Duck and his friends Sheep, Goat and Frog. Duck decides that not only can he fix his own leaking roof, but that Sheep with his broken window would also benefit from his DIY expertise... Of course, by the time Duck has lent a hand, his hapless friends are left requiring even more repair work than they did in the first place! And what caused Duck's leaking roof? Could it be that he forgot to turn his bath tap off?!? Age 3-7

Book:Katje the Windmill Cat

Katje the Windmill Cat

Gretchen Woelfle, Nicola Bayley

This heroic tale was inspired by a true story that took place over 500 years ago. It tells of Katje the windmill cat who lives happily with Nico, the miller, in a Dutch village by the sea. By day, Katje chases mice in the windmill; by night, she sleeps on a soft pillow on Nico's bed. Then Nico brings home his bride, Lena, and everything changes. Katje is shooed away by Lena as she sweeps the house or when she finds Katje playing with the new baby. Eventually poor Katje leaves her home and moves into the windmill. But when a storm breaks the dike that holds back the sea, Katje performs a feat of extraordinary courage that makes her forever welcome in the house.

Book:Let's Get a Pup!

Let's Get a Pup!

Bob Graham

One morning Kate bursts into her parents' bedroom. "Let's get a pup!" she cries. They all set off to the rescue centre where they see dogs of all shapes and sizes. Kate knows which one she wants the second she sees him. Small, cute and excited, to Kate, Dave is everything a dog could be.

Book:Silver Shoes

Silver Shoes

Caroline Binch

Molly loves to dance and she desperately wants some silver shoes to wear to her first dance class. But her mum says she has to wait and see if she likes the classes first. Nearly all the other girls are wearing silver shoes. To make things worse, Molly's best friend is one of them!

Book:Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball

Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball

Vicki Churchill, Charles Fuge

Life is a lot of fun for Wombat! There are plenty of things he enjoys doing: shouting at the top of his voice for no reason, stepping in circles until he falls over, poking out his tongue and pulling funny faces, getting in a muddy mess... but can you guess what Wombat likes to do best of all?

Book:Tatty Ratty

Tatty Ratty

Helen Cooper

Tatty Ratty was last seen on a bus.
Could be anywhere now.
Might not look quite the same.
Young ownder Molly
v. worried.

It's a serious business when a rabbit gets lost.

Tatty Ratty is lost again. Molly and her mum and dad look everywhere, but there's no sign of him. They start to worry, but maybe he went off on an exciiting adventure. What could he be doing? Might he be driving a train?. or sailing on a pirate ship?

Book:The Witch's Children

The Witch's Children

Ursula Jones, Russell Ayto

Look out! The witch's children are coming and that means Trouble! Out in the park one windy day, they try out their magic: Gemma's turned into a frog, the ice cream van into a coach, the squirrels into footmen. But then the witch's children don't know how to break the spells! How will they return everything to normal? Get Mum to sort it out, of course! A funny and reassuring picturebook with wacky, exuberant illustrations and a rhythmical text perfect for reading aloud.

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