Annal: 2001 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature

Results of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award in the year 2001.

Book:Aria of the Sea

Aria of the Sea

Dia Calhoun

On the island of Normost, in the kingdom of Windward, 13-year-old Cerinthe Gale is a folk healer who dreams of being a dancer. When her mother falls ill, Cerinthe fights to save her—but fails. She blames herself for her mother’s death, gives up healing, and decides to pursue dance.

Cerinthe travels across Windward to audition at the School of the Royal Dancers, which accepts her even though she is a commoner. It should be the beginning of a brilliant future, but Cerinthe feels an emptiness she can’t identify. A disagreement with a young man, a conflict with a cruel teacher, a rivalry with an aristocratic classmate, Elliana, and a meeting with a mederi—a healer with magical powers—add to her anguish.

When the rivalry between the two girls causes a terrible accident, Elliana’s life hangs in the balance. Cerinthe faces the same awful choice she had faced with her mother: Should she try to heal Elliana herself or hope that the mederi arrives in time? Only the song of the Sea Maid holds the answer.



Donna Jo Napoli

Orasmyn is a young Persian prince with all the privileges and responsibilities his royal position holds. But when he falters and makes a single wrong decision, his pride angers a pari—a fairy—who sets an ancient curse into motion, crucially changing his life on the worst day possible, and forcing him to leave his beloved Persia and his precious family in order to escape death at his father’s unwitting hands. With all the cunning he can muster from his human memories and his new beastly instincts, Orasmyn makes his way to India and back, across Europe to France, in search of redemption and forgiveness. Beast is his story. A French beauty named Belle is his redeemer. And then you know the rest. But this is before the rest. This is the story of Beast.

Here is Beauty and the Beast as only Donna Jo Napoli can tell it. Like a mosaic-tile artisan, she juxtaposes the unexpected—the exotic Middle East and the sensuous France, a courtly prince and a hulking lion, a ferocious beast and an undaunted young woman—and weaves their flavors into her story of Orasmyn’s plight, creating a new classic from the old, an epic that lingers like the scent of a rose.

Book:Boots and the Seven Leaguers

Boots and the Seven Leaguers: A Rock-and-Troll Novel

Jane Yolen

A teenage troll and his shape-shifter pal sign on as roadies for the best troll band in the land.

Like all trolls, Gog is magic—he just can’t do magic. His friend Pook can do a little magic, but not magic big enough to get tickets for Boots and the Seven Leaguers. The concert is sold out. But with a bit of luck and a magical disguise, the two are able to find work with the band as roadies. Yet no sooner have they begun working when Gog’s little brother vanishes. How will the two teen roadies rescue the kid, elude his kidnappers, and get back in time to see Boots perform?

Now that will require some very BIG magic….

Book:Growing Wings

Growing Wings

Laurel Winter

“Linnet waited with her eyes closed for the door to open and her mother to peek in. Waited for her to touch Linnet’s shoulder blades lightly…Linnet knew that touch in her bones, as if it had happened every night of her life. An imprint, a memory of the skin itself.”

So begins this startling first novel about an eleven-year-old girl who suddenly begins to grow wings—wings with soft auburn feathers, which only at first can be hidden with long hair and loose clothes. Funny, sad, and hopeful, this remarkable story captures a girl’s shock at feeling alone in life, as it follows her journey to answer a most important question: how can a girl with wings ever fit into the world?

Book:Night Flying

Night Flying

Rita Murphy

Georgia Hansen can fly. All the women in her family can. They fly at night, when the world sleeps, for no one must discover their secret. Georgia will soon turn 16 and make her first solo flight, taking up her birthright with a special ceremony to mark the occasion. But her anticipation is disrupted with the arrival of her rebellious Aunt Carmen. Banished from the family years before for breaking the strict code of flying enforced by Georgia’s grandmother, this unknown aunt reveals the true price of her family’s gift, for the Hansen rules of flying are strict and unforgiving.

In this powerful coming-of-age novel, Georgia must weigh the cost of her heritage against her passion for flight.

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