Annal: 2001 Whitbread Book Award for First Novel

Results of the Whitbread Book Award in the year 2001.

Book:Something Like a House

Something Like a House: A Novel

Sid Smith

This title is the extraordinary story of James Stuart Fraser, a British soldier who deserts during the Korean War, is captured and sent to live among the Miao, a minority tribe in the highlands of Communist China.



Gerard Woodward

An unforgettable first novel revels in nostalgia for post-war England.

Aldous Jones flew over his bicycle handlebars in 1955, landing next to Farmer Evan’s field. Since that day, he’s taken his family camping at the Evan’s Welsh farm each summer. As the years pass the family idyll starts to disintegrate, and summers at the farm are drenched in memory. An evocative, funny English novel, with dark, mournful undercurrents.

Book:Burning Worm

Burning Worm

Carl Tighe

Set in Poland in the turbulent months between the birth of Solidarity and the imposition of Martial Law, Eugene Hinks, a teacher of English, finds himself witness to events that begin the destruction of communism and the reshaping of Europe.

Battling with hunger, struggling with a relationship made complicated by politics, beset in the classroom by spies and police informers, Hinks runs an illegal radio monitoring service for the opposition and keeps a wary eye on the chaos around him.

This is no ordinary tale—it takes the reader inside a country at war with itself.

Book:The Oversight

The Oversight

Will Eaves

In 1983, an ordinary teenager called Daniel Rathbone fell in love, spurned a friend, and stumbled on the ability to see in the dark. On his 25th birthday, he is bequeathed a second no less unusual gift—a Victorian writing box. It is opened, but its contents resist interpretation.

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