Annal: 2002 Academy Award® for Achievement in Music (Original Score)

Results of the Academy Award® in the year 2002.

Album:Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Music from the Motion Picture

Howard Shore

Score composer Howard Shore has informed this first installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy with his distinctly modern sensibilities. Revolving loosely around a brief, heroic brass theme, this epic is infused with a powerful rhythmic thrust and a musical range that encompasses centuries (from the Renaissance pastoralism of “Concerning Hobbits” to the fiery, Prokofiev-influenced drama of “A Knife in the Dark”). Key to the score’s sense of mystery and magical place are the rich choral passages that are interspersed throughout, some so ominously gothic…

Album:Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Music from the Motion Picture

John Williams

Packed with Big Ideas about the future of mankind and dispatched with a distant, often icy veneer, Steven Spielberg’s Artificial Intelligence can scarcely camouflage its roots. It was begun by the late Stanley Kubrick in the mid-’80s; Spielberg collaborated briefly a decade later, bowed out, then inherited it upon Kubrick’s death in ‘99. And while the late auteur’s cold vision seems largely intact (if now infused with Spielberg’s enduring Pinocchio fetish), it’s safe to say that Kubrick’s often challenging musical tastes would probably not have led him to…

Album:A Beautiful Mind: Original Motion Picture Score

A Beautiful Mind: Original Motion Picture Score

James Horner

This Ron Howard film parlays the troubled story of Nobel laureate John Forbes Nash Jr., a gifted Princeton mathematics professor tormented for decades by paranoid schizophrenia, into something considerably richer than typical Hollywood triumph-against-all-odds fare. Howard has teamed here again with frequent collaborator James Horner, and it’s the composer who deftly shades the film’s difficult emotional landscape and helps impart a compelling humanity. Horner’s first task is not inconsiderable: musically portraying the arcane realm of mathematical theorems that…

Album:Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

John Williams

You needn’t see the film of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to appreciate the wonder, magic, and fearful chills of J.K. Rowling’s phenomenal bestseller in John Williams’s outstanding score. Williams typically avoids the source material for the films he scores, but he reportedly derived great pleasure and inspiration from Rowling’s first Harry Potter adventure, and created a perfect motif (fully expressed in “Hedwig’s Theme”) to dominate his score. It’s first heard as a dreamy celesta waltz and embellished through myriad incarnations and moods, often…

Album:Monsters, Inc.: Original Soundtrack

Monsters, Inc.: Original Soundtrack

Randy Newman

Sandwiched between the opening and closing numbers of the Monsters, Inc. soundtrack is the sort of far-reaching score we’ve come to expect from Randy Newman. Up, down, and all around, we swerve through the standard Disney scramble: there’s a danger’s-near ditty, a tearjerker, a rally-the-troops energizer, a plucky peek-a-boo number, and, as befits the hit Disney/Pixar movie, a hefty chunk of liveliness. But to say this soundtrack is nothing special would be to shrug off a solid effort from a musical legend. How easy can it be, after all, to stir so many…

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