Annal: 2002 Anthony Award for Best Young Adult Mystery

Results of the Anthony Award in the year 2002.

Book:Mystery of the Haunted Cave

Mystery of the Haunted Cave

Penny Warner

Thirteen-year-old Becca and her friends Sierra, CJ, and Jonnie are determined to win the gold medal for Troop 13 at the Gold Rush Jamboee. But they face stiff competition from the other troops—especially Troop 7, whose members love to pull pranks on them. When a mysterious clue hints at treasure buried in Camp Miwok’s Haunted Caves, Becca and her friends are determined to get their hands on that, too—even if it means sneaking from camp, hanging out with bats, and being threatened by robbers…

Book:Death on Sacred Ground

Death on Sacred Ground

Harriet K. Feder

In the deep woods of Pikes Landing, New York, on a Seneca reservation, a girl is found murdered with an arrow through her heart. When Vivi and her father, Rabbi Hartman, hear about the shocking death, they travel to Pikes Landing where he has been called to perform the funeral of the girl. Once there, they find themselves in the middle of a mystery and a violent standoff between the local townsfolk and the Seneca. Unsure of who to trust, and accompanied by a hostile girl who has something to hide, Vivi searches for the solution to the disturbing death, but finds danger instead!

Book:The Ghost Sitter

The Ghost Sitter

Peni R. Griffin

Charlotte is looking forward to spending the summer in her new home-she has her own bedroom, a nearby pool, a friendly neighbor, and there’s a big block party coming up. Then her little brother suddenly starts asking for his new friend, “Susie.” Is someone else playing with him? Someone only he can see? Soon Charlotte realizes that her all-too-normal house is haunted-by the ghost of a girl who doesn’t realize that she’s dead…

Book:Matthew's Web

Matthew's Web

Jeri Fink, Donna Paltrowitz

It’s a dangerous world. Matthew has run away from home and there’s no turning back. He goes f2f, plunging into the unknown lives of his five best online buddies.

Sixty real teenagers partnered with authors Jeri Fink and Donna Paltrowitz to track Matthew’s terrifying adventures in his stormy pursuit. What happens when Matthew leaps from the computer to the streets? Can f2f be deadly? Who survives the lethal twists and turns of Matthew’s Web?

Book:The Viking Claw

The Viking Claw

Michael Dahl

Finn,” he said, “Don’t go in.”

What was his problem? After days of climbing and trudging through the snow, I wasn’t going to turn around now. I pushed past Uncle Stoppard into the cave and then froze. The murky light from the mouth of the tunnel gleamed on something a few feet in front of me. Something white lay on the floor of the cave. Bones.

Finn and his mystery-writer uncle head to Iceland in search of the Haunted City of Tquuli, where Finn’s archaeologist parents were last seen before their odd disappearance eight years ago. Finn doesn’t believe the creepy legends about the Haunted City and the ancient Vikings who lived there—until a member of the rock-climbing expedition vanishes from inside a sleeping bag…one that was dangling a hundred feet from the base of an icy cliff!

Then another climber disappears, leaving a trail of footprints that abruptly end in a ?eld of snow. Is it modern-day murder, or the revenge of phantom Viking warriors?

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