Annal: 2002 Grammy Award for Best Rythm & Blues Album

Results of the Grammy Award in the year 2002.

Album:Voyage to India

Voyage to India


India Arie seems comfortable in her own body. She told us as much on both “Video” and “Brown Skin” from her stunning debut album, Acoustic Soul, which celebrated the diversity of feminine beauty, self-acceptance, and spirituality. She addresses similar themes on her second outing, although much of her original soul-scouring fire is gone. While she still preaches self-empowerment, many of her lyrics veer toward the trite, and that’s not where we expected to go on this Voyage to India. In fact, there are very few self-revelatory moments like the ones…

Album:Better Days

Better Days


Like most good lover men, Joe knows you can unzip more flies with honey than with hassles. This understated but seriously gifted singer/songwriter may not enjoy the superstar profile or recognition of some of his fellow R&B Romeos, but as his fourth CD, Better Days, proves, what he lacks in persona he more than makes up for in persuasive and sensual songs. There’s a gentleness and ease in Joe’s smoothed-out, sexy, and decidedly grown-up brand of R&B. Listen to the way his silky vocals glide over the ever-so-syncopated keyboards on “I Like Sexy Girls.” Or…

Album:Instant Vintage

Instant Vintage

Raphael Saadiq




The second album from Philadelphia’s Musiq keeps the quality level high, mixing equal parts Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, and D’Angelo to good effect. Musiq’s voice has noticeably matured—the puppy edge of Aijuswanaseing is gone—resulting in a rich tone that reflects a stylistic progression in his music. He’s also expanded into new areas, including a slight touch of bossa nova on the excellent “Half Crazy.” Meanwhile, “Caught Up” and “Religious” have a late-’80s Big Daddy Kane and Public Enemy feel, heralding a tougher hip-hop sound than the…

Album:The Way I Feel

The Way I Feel

Remy Shand

Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a very cold place. Perhaps Remy Shand’s debut, recorded in his Winnipeg bedroom, is his effort to cozify the Canadian city. It’s a warm slice of the vintage soul that’s been popularized by artists like D’Angelo and Maxwell, replete with shimmering musical touches—a clavinet here, a Rhodes there. Shand’s falsetto often mimics, and at times evokes, soul legends, though his sometimes skinny delivery lacks both the pelvic thrust and the world-on-my-shoulders weight of the genre’s finest. Songs like “Take a Message” are winsome, if wispy, in…

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